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Meggi Posts: 383
For those thinking of doing ferrero rocher trees, the 200g boxes are on offer in Lidl again this Saturday 17th March. Hopefully they will have decent best before dates on them. They also have a Prosecco down to €5, but I'm not sure what it is like. It could be ok for a toast drink.
highbeam Posts: 2578
I was dreaming about ferror roches last night. The airport were selling 3 boxes of 32 for a fiver! If only :o0
Meggi Posts: 383
Brilliant Highbeam. We'd have to go fly off somewhere for the weekend just to get the value on the ferreros!
Mollykins Posts: 69
Thanks for the tip! I think it works out as less than 19cent a sweet, perfect!! Hope they have long expiry dates!
amy77 Posts: 13
Hi there, I tried the prosecco from Lidl there this evening. Had planned on buying it at the weekend. I found it very flat. Not much fizz at all. Definitely try before you buy. Someone else on the forum suggested prosecco in Dunnes so think I'll try it at the weekend. Think they said its 7 euro a bottle. It's called Sachetto. Might wait for a while and see if they are doing any deals.
lorrbridetobe12 Posts: 369
the last time the deal was on the ferrero's had very short date on them!!
Meggi Posts: 383
Saw some in Tesco earlier today for €3 also. Some were dated April but there were some boxes dated July.
kenandken Posts: 1
Does anyone have any tips on making the Ferrero Rocher trees, I have never given them a go but thinking of trying??
Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
[quote="Mollykins":ygxkb4vp]Thanks for the tip! I think it works out as less than 19cent a sweet, perfect!! Hope they have long expiry dates![/quote:ygxkb4vp] Lidl at the Darndale roundabout in Dublion have Sept 2012 expiry dates if that helps anyone! Got mine there today. I'm snuggled up on the couch trying to resist eating them- how the hell am I going to last until August?!
Mollykins Posts: 69
Got them in castlebar, best before September! Wohoo