Ferrero Tree- Will 15cm Sphere be big enough?

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Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
Most of the threads online seem to recommend 20cm spheres. Just wondering if anyone did a 15cm one? I cant seem to find cheap 20cm polystyrene balls. Got some 15cm ones today but I'm not sure if they will be too small. Any help appreciated!
hairylegs Posts: 75
Hi there I am planning to make the trees too! I am just wondering where did you get the balls? And what will you use for the trunk? I went into Woodies today looking for smth to use for trunk but failed. I'll try art and craft shop next!
errigal08 Posts: 1302
how many trees are you doing? how many guest are you having? i used the 20cm balls fitted about 130 chocs on it i think,yeah it was about that,i made two and i had 100 guest's you could maybe use the 15cm but do say four of them and if you think they look a bit small as trees then you can get lovely little ceramic plant pots and place the ball on it and do it that way,thats what i did,and i sat them on the sweet table
Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
Errigal that's a good idea- hadnt thought of eliminating the trunk! I was planning on making 3x 15cm trees for 100 people. Should be close enough with my 15cms! Missocd I got the balls in Inspiring Ideas in Blanchardstown retail park 2. They ordered in the 15cm size for me as apparently they are super popular and always sell out immediately following delivery. They were really cheap too. I think it was less then a fiver for the 3 of them. Cant believe I cant remember exactly how much, I only got them 6 hours ago O:|