Ferry Crossing Dublin - Holyhead

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trance Posts: 3129
Has anyone done this? We would need to get to London from Holyhead, on the train I guess but haven't a clue is the train station anywhere near the port and how long it takes? Any ideas?
zoesmama Posts: 2774
Virgin Trains operate from Holyhead to London.
mushypea39 Posts: 69
Hi, yes there is a train station in the posrt - can't remember if there is a bus to it or you walk to it. Either way it is only 5 mins when you disembark from the ferry http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holyhead_railway_station Last time we were on the ferry to Holyhead we met family that were getting the train to London. They were foot passengers, we had the car. It seems to take 4 hours hth
Shannan Posts: 1334
The train station is actually part of the same building as the port terminal, so you will be grand. They usually bus people on and off the boat and then you collect your check in baggage in the terminal and then walk through to the station. It's all lovely and modern these days, bit different from when we went over years ago while they were just modernising the terminal, so they were using a porta cabin for the port building, they drove a truck of baggage from the boat and dumped it all out on the ground, 2 employees started picking up bags and holding them up so people could come and get them, within a few minutes people started spotting their bags in the pile and piling in, it wasn't long at all until the whole thing had turned into the worst kind of scrum and one poor girl very nearly got trampled when she fell over only I managed to pull her out :ooh
trance Posts: 3129
Thanks girls that's a relief to know the train station is in the same place as the port, one less thing to worry about, jeez Shannan glad it's not like that any more, I'd have a fight on my hands!!