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Dee-Lite Posts: 403
[b:3aphsgfx]Between one thing and another I am just getting back to this now and am looking for new participants for the survey I set up months ago. For those who are interested and haven't taken part in the survey before - please read my original post below and click on the link. I hope to get this finished before baby arrives in September and will let you all know when I have the results together.[/b:3aphsgfx] I mostly post on Mums & Kids with some posts here when I feel I can help. I already posted about my survey in Mums & Kids but if you are interested please read on. Looking forward to TTC in the new year so hopefully I will be posting here soon. My post on Mums & Kids: Having read some recent posts on fellow wollies business ventures, it has really got me thinking. I am doing a little bit of part-time work at the moment but before DD was born I was a postdoc researcher. Now, I can't see myself going back to the lab anytime soon, especially since we are about to TTC baby no. 2, all going well. However, I was hoping to give my rusty old brain a work-out and start writing again, in my spare time. Ideally, I want to put together some women's health articles and may even set-up an information-based website, in time. Since my mind is all about getting ready to TTC I am thinking about fertility boosters/aids, like supplements, pre-seed, opks etc. We were over 6 months trying for DD and by the time we conceived I had tried a good few things to get us healthier and help our combined fertility. So I think a good place for me to start it to write about what I know. Anyway, I have an idea for an article on fertility boosters/aids and think it would be great to get an idea on what fertility boosters/aids are popular here in Ireland. I have put together a survey (for the 1st time ever) and am now looking for people (who have used fertility aids/boosters) to participate. I am just at the information gathering stage at the moment to see how feasible this all is. I should say that the survey is quite short and completely anonymous. If anyone is interested they can follow the link below. [url:3aphsgfx][/url:3aphsgfx] I welcome all suggestions/feedback about the survey and the topic of the article, either in reply post or pm. If I get enough responses to the survey I will let you all know which ones are most popular. Thanks for taking the time to read this, much appreciated.
TooShyShy Posts: 1180
Fair play Dee-Lite great idea. Do you want those who are ttc to take part too? If so maybe pop it in the ttc thread.
Dee-Lite Posts: 403
Thanks TooShyShy. Of course those TTC are more than welcome. I will post it there shortly. I have taken a great deal of time thinking about where to post about the survey and wanting to get back writing. Think I was feeling a little shy about it all and didn't want to post inappropriately.
Dee-Lite Posts: 403
Bump - for new participants to add to the survey (see orignial post above). Thanks.
WilmaFlintstone Posts: 1318
Hi Dee-Lite, Just completed your survey there. Good luck with your enterprise O-O