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sally Posts: 1140
Just got the net hooked up at home and have been on fertility friend.com entering all my data for my last cycle.... its a great site, lots of info and interpretation especially for you. Is anyone else using this... is it always free or is that just a trial. Looks good so far anyway. [/url]
Double Trouble Posts: 915
Hi Sally, I use it all the time too to put my temps in. The Vip membership is free for a month I think, but I just use the basic free membership now, didn't pay for it. Have got the odd few days free since as they want to try and sell it to you. Its great good luck
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Hi, I joined - it only showed up on credit card bill as E20, I think which is for nothing if it helps! Also I thought it would be useful to show doctor in case I'm ages TTCing and he needs to see what my cycle was like. As far as I know, if you get BFP, it will track your pregnancy in a similar way too - handy!!