Few q's on C section in Coombe?

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fxfor3 Posts: 2347
Hi Girls just have a few questions i hope you will be able to help me with. I had an emergency section last time so thats why i dont really know. Im due to have a section wednesday morning if baby has made an entrance by then. So my questions are Do i just bring a small bag with babygro vest nappy and hat for baby and nightdress for myself?Is there somewhere to put the bag ? Do i wear nightdress while waiting to be called for section? Where do we wait for section is it in a ward ? i would really appreciate any info from anyone that has been in coombe for planned section. Thanks.
ellee Posts: 666
I'm afraid I don't have the experience you're looking for garfield but do you think the prep would be the same as going in for your labour? Hard to say whether you'll need a nightie but it's probably easier. And I'd guess your hubby or partner will have to mind the bag. Tho now I think about it I'm not sure how the whole bag thing was done! I'd an emcs in the end in the Coombe and I have no idea where the bag was during the actual section. I know the hubby had to bring it with him when we went to the delivery suite and he came into the section while they were still prepping me so obviously I got there first but no idea where the bag went... it was definitiely there afterwards 'cause I remember telling the husband to get out a babygro. I'd also brought a blanket but hadn't the energy to tell him to get that as well!