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happymonkey Posts: 555
Hi all, I may be scheduled for section- due to breech, will know in next few days. I'm really looking forward to meeting my baby and want to be as relaxed as possible, knowing a little more would put my mind at ease. I've been doing gentlebirth cds and know that there is one on the website for a positive C-section experience but if anyone could answer a few questions,it'd be great. 1. How long before you had skin-to-skin contact? Did you still bring a birth plan? 2. I'm public and just wondering if you got privacy with your newborn and partner after birth (as with natural deliveries) or were you shipped back to the ward straight away? 3. How mobile/immobile would you be afterwards and how did you manage toilet/shower etc.? 4. Did you bring mountains of stuff (your own & baba's) in with you or did your partner bring things in and out as you needed - I don't want to land into small ward with a cargo of stuff. 5. Did you have visitors in hospital straight away, were you up to that or did you find it made no difference? 6. Does having a section make much difference when it comes to breastfeeding (this is my first so I've no experience so far) 5. Any other tips for healing/recovery and life back at home afterwards?? Thanks so much.
Marvin Mole Posts: 1076
Happy monkey .. I'm in the North so I might have had a slightly different experience. My baby was also breech. Here's my answers: 1. Cos of being born via section the muscus in her lungs had not be squeezed out as would happen in the birth canal so the midwife had to keep her as soon as she was born for a few minutes. Her daddy got to hold her for a short while beside me while I was being stitched up. They then went up to the ward while I went to recovery for an hour so she was 2 hours old before I got skin to skin. 2. As above because I went to recovery and they went to the ward it wasn't until 2 hours after the birth that we were alone together as a little family :lvs 3. They put in a catheter before the section cos it would be the next morning before I could be mobile. My section was at 10.30am and I did get the feeling back in my legs that night but was told to rest in bed. The next morning at 7am I was taken for bath and catheter removed. I was up and about that day and while you have to move slow enough I was able to walk, lift babs etc with minimum pain. 4. I did bring quite a lot of stuff as the visitor hours in my hospital were strictly 2 hours around lunch time and 3 hours in evening, so I wouldn't have wanted to reply on dh bringing stuff each time. 5. The visiting time was at 2pm and my mum and dad arrived but by this stage I was feeling pretty sick and was actually sick a few times. In laws and my sisters arrived at the evening visit. I defo wouldn't have wanted any more visitors that day. By the next days was happy for friends etc to visit 6. I found the section all in all a great experience, I wouldn't have a particularly high pain threshold and I never felt more than a dull ache. I could do everything I wanted at home and was driving within 4 weeks. I was told to always take whatever pain killers were offered and i did so I think that kept any pain away and also I drank LOADS of water, think that helped flush all the medication through my system. Best of luck with yours!
Diddums2 Posts: 106
Hi I had an emergency section so my experience might be slightly different to yours. I'll give you my two cents however ! 1.It was a few hours (maybe three) before I got skin to skin, as my baby was distressed and was taken to the special care unit for a while, while I went to recovery. I'm not sure if he hadn't been distressed whether they would have let me hold him in the operating theatre - however I think it's likely you will be separated for a little while as they need to monitor you in the recovery room for a while while they wait for the spinal to wear off a little. 2. After recovery I was sent to the ward - luckily my baby and DH were out of the NICU and there when I arrived. 3. I was pretty much immobile for the first day but had a catheter so no issue re toilet. They get you out of bed, walking around and into the shower as soon as they can to try and avoid blood clots (you will also have very sexy stockings for this - bring a nightie rather than pyjamas as they are boiling hot!) 4. I had a smallish bag with clothes and things for the labour and a larger bag in the car with more clothes for later. Bring a lot of plastic bags as it is easier for your partner to bring dirty things home (if you get a baby who likes to spit up you will go through a lot of clothes!) as you go rather than cluttering up your space. 5. I had just grandparents the first day - I was fine that day (buzzing in fact !). The second day was much harder (tired due to lack of sleep and trying to get a handle on breastfeeding), and really wasn't happy to see anyone then. 6. Firstly, take it easy - you may feel great early on but you are still healing internally ad need to go gently. Ask for help as much as you can. Don't be afraid to ask for extra painkillers if you need them (I didn't but luckily wasn't in much pain). Make sure to get a nurse to explain to you clearly how to take care of the wound and what warning signs of infection to look out for (I got an infection and it was horrendous - worse than the section). Don't be afraid also to ring the hospital when you get home if you are worried about anything. Your public health nurse is also not just there for the baby - my one was amazing when I got the infection - she came every two days to treat it (I asked her to come the first day but she came of her own accord after). Finally - don't be worried about the section. They can get a lot of bad press but can actually be positive experiences. Good luch and enjoy your baby :baby3:
LastRolo Posts: 6892
[quote="happymonkey":18zprryt] 6. Does having a section make much difference when it comes to breastfeeding (this is my first so I've no experience so far)[/quote:18zprryt] AFAIK the milk takes longer to come in when you've had a section..
Marvin Mole Posts: 1076
Happy monkey .. having a section does not affect breastfeeding and the length of time it takes milk to come in.. I had no problems at all.
mrspiggy Posts: 1289
Happymonkey - I am in a similar position to you and at our ante-natal class when they were discussion sections the midwife said that they would bring the baby up to your cheek and do a cheek to cheek before taking baby to check it out etc. I understand that recovery from a section can depend on the circumstance - if you know the details or it is planned etc it is less traumatic vs an emergency where you could be in theatre within a couple of minutes.
Diddums2 Posts: 106
Sorry, forgot to answer your query on breastfeeding - I had no problems, my milk came in on day 2 I think. The Irish Caesarian and VBAC Guide by Tracy Donegan is very good at describing exactly what happens in the first chapter - just be careful of the birth stories as they might scare the bejaysus out of you - a lot of them relate to emergency sections. I assume an ELCS is less likely to be traumatic.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
I had three sections and my answers would be the same as the others . I just wanted to add that on all three my milk didn't come in until day 4/5. You are best off not giving formula but just to say that days 3/4 can be hard with the baby constantly feeding but it is normal and fine and will pretty much ensure a great milk supply. Good luck
ccm Posts: 2
I had elective section in CUMH, baby taken to side of theatre to suction lungs immediately, then handed to dad who held her up next to my face while I was stitched. I was then taken to recovery with DH and DD and we pulled curtain around the bed and had skin to skin contact (I'd say about 15 min after delivery) and BF straight away also, it was first but dont think it had any effect of BFing. DD and I were never in different rooms (would have freaked out if we were) at any stage and I was able to put her in and out of cot myself that night and and was walking next morning. hth. ccm
Daff Posts: 11644
it will depend on your hospital if you have LO with you afterwards. in Holles St the babies aren't allowed in recovery so you won't have them with you til after you are out of htere - about 2 hours :o( This is cause they've no seperate recovery room for Mums who might have been in for D&C etc.