Filling the bloody forms - tipp's brain = spud

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tipp Posts: 275
Hi ladies I'm just filling in my MB10 for my maternity leave and the part 5 section where is says "Details of your child(ren) , now this is where mybrain is spud like!! So bear with me ... how many children are you claiming for? Is it one or two? My DD obv and what about the bump as I cant start name or PPS number! So do put 2 children and just my DD's deails? God I sound like an awful spud - Disclamier Tipp is well educated and not normally ask such silly questons :o0 :o0
babybambino Posts: 940
They shouldn't give such a long complicated form to pregnant women to fill out! You just put in details for your dd, not the bump
Anon - Please help Posts: 203
Sorry Tipp I had to have a little giggle at your post! Had visions of you filling in... Name: Tipps Bump, Date of Birth : To Be confirmed!! :cool Just edited the post to say, you are totally normal by the way, if I told you some of the silly things I have said and done in pregnancy you would be rolling on floor in laughter! xxx