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goingforit Posts: 160
Hi all Just wondering is it too early to have my final dress fitting 12 weeks before the wedding? Some say it is and to leave it closer to the date. I bought a sample dress and have it at home at the moment. It only has to be altered length wise and fits perfectly everywhere else. The shop told me to bring it back 6 weeks before wedding but I would love to get all of that out of the way early on as well as try on veils with it ( I want to order this online but need to find out what length will suit me etc..). So am I missing anything? Is there any reason why I should leave it closer to the date? Thanks for your help :wv
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
I think it's probably in case you lose or gain some weight before the wedding. I'm guessing wedding dresses fit so perfectly and are so exact that even a pound or two in either direction might show up on the dress? Many brides lose weight in the run up to the wedding either because they've been on a healthy eating programme or because they're a bit stressed and busy but I've heard of some brides who have put on a little weight also because of stress - it's a tough one to call. In your ordinary clothes if you lost or gained a little weight it wouldn't matter but maybe with The Dress the bridal shop wants to make sure it fits you as perfectly as possible? That said if you're happy enough that your weight is stable and it's only the length of the dress that needs to be altered then get it done when it suits you! I've probably been no help at all really! Hopefully other posters will have some better advice for you!
goingforit Posts: 160
Thanks Smileykaz Yeah I thought it might be a weight issue but as my weight never changes I am not too worried about that. Cheers :wv
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
if you weight doesnt change go for it!!!
gettingexcited09 Posts: 195
id go for it, i reckon its just down to weight lose or gain