Finally Found My Dress!! Now The Accessories

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tlaslo29 Posts: 171
Hi Girls After much searching I finally found my dress!!!! I have attached some pictures. I have already bought the Jenny Packham Acacia I hairpiece and cuff in a moment of financial madness!! What other Jewellery would you think with this dress? Would the Acacia Cuff be to much?? The dress is in layers - Lace, Crystal and velvet.... Thanks
ailesbury Posts: 45
love the dress. do you mind me asking where u got it??? personally i think i'd only wear earings with this dress.
lolly2010 Posts: 707
mellymoon78 Posts: 89
I think you need a chain and ear-rings. Would be very plain without a chain IMO.
tlaslo29 Posts: 171
Thanks!! Dress is from Esposa Bridal in Cork. Spanish Designer Rosa Clara.... Oh im more confused now :-8 :-8 :-8
maxicosi Posts: 576
I would go with just earrings stunning dress
plainsconesonly Posts: 300
Gorgeous dress :lvs :lvs Id def only wear earrings and a tennis bracelet. I think a chain would be too much. Def less is more.
Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
Your dress is amazing! Absolutely gorgeous! If it were me I'd keep jewellery to a minimum (the dress is so stunning I wouldn't distract the eye!!!) with some earrings, or if you'd really like something on your neck then maybe a torc. Congrats on getting your dress!
LastRolo Posts: 6892
Fabulous dress! You could try a very small dainty necklase and see what it looks like??
christmasbride2012 Posts: 478
Hate to confuse you more but I agree with the other posters that earrings and a simple bracelet would be best. The dress is quite detailed and beautiful and I think the Jenny Packham stuff would overpower it. I tried on a Rosa Clara dress too and loved it but it was way over my budget-tried it on in Esposa too! Isn't Barbara brilliant! Well wear!