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pupsalove Posts: 1490
Girlies Just a bit sad today. Been having really odd periods for the last two months (20 day cycle when my normal cycle is 28 days) . All last week I have felt really odd and different, getting migraines (never get migraines), nausea etc so thought I might be pregnant. Period due Sunday and it came and went and nothing. Mother and sister going mad with excitement. So of course i was getting excited too. Doing preg tests and every time I got a negative, I could always come up with an excuse. But this morning I got my period and now am feeling a bit daft and a bit sad. when I said it to himself, he was very disappointed and I realised how much he'd love a baby of his own and it just added to it all. Nothing really to add, just wanted to share with someone :(
yadayada Posts: 1066
rose petal Posts: 307
so sorry to hear that. Hope u get a BFP next month. Mrs LouLou I have my fingers crossed for you too!!!!!!! Rose Petal :wink:
JB Posts: 467
Dont get down, just pick up and try again. Rome wasnt built in a day. My motto is everything happens for a reason and there is a reason even though you may never know it. Lots of people say when they forget about having a baby so much then thats when it happens, you need to relax.