Finally ordered my Bridesmaid dresses

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mrsG2b2011 Posts: 748
After many months of agony, I've finally ordered my bridesmaid dresses. Unlike most wise brides to be who waited to see what suited their bridesmaids etc, I had my colour picked and also knew I wanted short knee length dresses. What I thought would be an easy task, due to the fact I was allowing them to pick their own style, proved very difficult in Ireland as very few stores stock short length dresses and if they do I couldn't find enough styles by the same designer, in order to get them all the same colour. I also have 3 bridesmaids and a junior bm. Just when I thought I was sorted after coming across a perfect dress in Debenhams and in the exact colout I wanted, I had trouble with one of the bridesmaids, due to her shape the style didn't suit her at all and dress attention to her top half , which she hated as shes only 18 and isn't happy with her body shape at all. I then was in the quest to find a dress maker, but the few I contacted either weren't working anymore of one was a little loopy, so I decided I'd have one more shot at looking at dresses seen as Dessy had some new styles out in their spring collection. So finally after getting my 2 bridesmaids and jbm to try dresses on here and my other bm to try dresses on in Boston where shes from, we settled on 4 completly different dresses in american beauty colour. i got a quote from RK BRidal and ordered them on Friday as to get them here I would need pay rush order fees because its so late on and they're also a lot more expensive. So I'm getting them posted to my bm in Boston whos coming over at the end of June and even with paying rush order fees to get them delivered to her, I'm still making a saving of about €500. Fingers crossed now they all turn out ok. Heres a pic of all the dresses, I also ordered extra piece of satin material to make straps for the jbm and to add a piece onto the one shoulder dress just under the bust to tie in with all the other dresses. [attachment=1:gjozafo5]bridesmaid dresses front.JPG[/attachment:gjozafo5] [attachment=0:gjozafo5]bridesmaid dresses back.JPG[/attachment:gjozafo5]
curlysu Posts: 811
They're gorgeous, I loooove the colour !
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
Gorgeous :lvs I also went for shorter dessy BM dresses- I've 2 BM's. They're the same dress but one has one shoulder and the other is strapless. In sage green- it's a lovely soft green
maltabride2011 Posts: 987
Oh they're all lovely, your BMs must be delighted! must be such a relief for you as well! congratulations! :o)ll
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
Fab, love the colour, similar to the colour of mine!