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sinion Posts: 6050
After 9 very long and very hard months, my baby boy finally arrived. It was a really tough pregnancy, bled for 7 weeks, vomited for 26 weeks and had SPD for final third of pregnancy, but, without a shadow of a doubt I honestly couldn’t care less about one second of it all as my little man is the most precious thing in the world to us and worth it all a million times over. Had been having strong and painful pre-labour contractions from around 37 weeks onwards so was convinced that I’d go early, not a chance though, went 11 days over! Had a sweep done at 4 days over that did nothing and didn’t hurt (had heard that it would) and was told to come back in a week. I spent the next week walking the length of Sandymount strand back and forth everyday with my mum, having curries, pineapple, hot baths, climbing the stairs, sex, I did everything suggested apart from the caster oil. So at 10 days over I was due in for another sweep, when I got up that morning however the mucous plug finally came away. I went to the appointment and had the sweep done, this time it was very painful and was told that labour was about to start, the doctor told me that he was certain I’d be back in within the next 48 hours, but booked me in for an inducement at 13 days over just in case. Went home and waited and waited for something to happen but it didn’t so went to bed. Woke at 5am with pains but they were the same that I’d been having for weeks so didn’t want to get my hopes up. Went to the toilet and when I wiped, there was the bloody show. As soon as I went back to bed the contractions started, I didn’t think I’d know the real ones from the fake ones as I’d been having them for so long, but I just knew straight away. They started coming every 7 minutes for about 40 seconds so I woke DH and told him that he wouldn’t be going to work that day. We had no bread and milk in and I really wanted tea and toast so we drove around to the all night garage, in the car the contractions started getting stronger and I was wondering if I’d make it home to eat. Little did I know that while the contractions would get stronger, they wouldn’t get any closer together for another 11 hours! By 4 pm I was sick to death of waiting for something to happen. The contractions were still 7 minutes apart but I really had to breathe hard through them and rock on my ball. I rang the hospital and they told me to come in just in case as it had been so long. In the car on the way there however the contractions completely stopped, I was livid! But while I was waiting to be seen at the hospital they started up again but now they were 4 minutes apart and lasting 1 minute. They got me on a trace and were measuring the baby’s heartbeat for about half an hour, eventually they examined me and said I was 2cms dilated, was delighted! They decided to break my waters and as soon as it was done the contractions hit really hard, I was moaning really loudly through them, god love anyone else in the emergency room! Got taken up to the delivery suite and as soon as I stood up off the wheelchair my waters gushed out and spilled all over the floor, fool here was mortified and kept apologising but the midwives were just laughing at me! Got onto the bed and changed, it was so surreal when the midwife told DH to take the baby’s clothes out and get them ready, it was very very hard to believe there would finally be a baby in them! I took the gas and air and it was great, the contractions were coming every minute and a half or so and I was managing really well on just the gas. The midwife told me that the baby’s heart rate was dropping with each contraction so they had to put a trace on to keep an eye on it. But as the contractions started getting harder and stronger I was getting desperate to move so she helped me off the bed and had DH support me from behind. The relief was immense but no sooner had I moved than alarms started going off and the baby’s heart rate dropped dramatically then disappeared. I will never forget the fright I got seeing the heart rate going down and down the alarm going off (at one point I watched it drop from 155 to 90), the midwife looked really shocked and worried and was desperately trying to find the heartbeat again, took a good 30 seconds of panic before she could. Apparently whatever way he was lying meant his heart rate kept disappearing so it meant that for the rest of the delivery I had to stay on the bed and try to not move at all, with a midwife standing over me holding the trace against me and moving it every time the alarm went off, which was with every contraction. Not being able to move about just killed me and made every contraction a million times worse, the pain was starting to become unbearable and it didn’t help when the contractions starting coming on top of each other. Very soon I was only getting about 10 seconds between contractions and with each one lasting at least a minute I was nearly delirious with the pain, not being able to move about made it utterly excruciating. With each contraction I’d be writhing around in pain but was being held in place by two midwives holding the trace on, I was also hooked up to so many wires and tubes that poor DH was constantly unwrapping them from me after each contraction. I had a fluid line in my hand, it kept getting pulled out and the line was filled with blood so another reason for me not to be able to move. I wanted to hold out as long as I could on the epi, I really didn’t want it but after being examined and told that after two hours I was still only 3 cms gone I knew I had to have it, especially as I couldn’t do anything myself to get through the contractions. So out the window went my birthing ball and hypnobirthing cd and everything else I had planned to get through delivery. I had spent days putting together 5 hours worth of music that I love and felt would be able to concentrate on during labour but unfortunately my zen never made it out of my bag! So the anaesthatist came about 15 minutes later and started the epi, but the contractions were coming so fast and furious that she was getting hampered, she was only getting 10 seconds out of every minute and half to work with, so she had to do it during them. Keeping perfectly still through the blinding pain took every ounce of willpower that I could possibly muster, I think I nearly severed DH’s arm from the elbow down. Afterwards the midwives kept telling me that the pain should be easing but it wasn’t, after about 20 minutes they realised that it hadn’t worked so got another anaesthatist out to do it again. He arrived about 15 minutes later and this time he stayed in the room with me and waited to make sure it worked, but again, after about 15 minutes he realised that it hadn’t and told me there was nothing more to do, there was no point trying a third time. I didn’t get the slightest ounce of relief from them so in the end I guess I got my wish of a drug free birth! I had the gas and air in my mouth constantly as the contractions were on top of each other, a doctor came in noticed that I was breathing out of it constantly and I heard her complaining about it to the midwives. They were explaining to her that I wasn’t getting a break at all but she seemed to think I was being a bit dramatic and said in a very patronising tone to me, “You’re going to have to calm down and relax a bit, ok? You’re just making it harder on yourself”. Well, the look I gave her must have been some sight as her face fell and she started trying to back track and kind of half heartedly apologised! I spent all of this time in a kind a pain-induced delirium, I can’t really remember too much about it all, I just remember blinding white hot pain and feeling like I was off somewhere else. I was barely aware of what was going on around me, I just remember loads of people rushing around me and so many voices and hands on me, very surreal. But all through it all I was aware of my husband’s hands on me and I could hear his voice constantly talking to me and helping me along, it really feels like it was that that got me through. I kept asking them to check me again as the pain was so severe but they kept telling me that I wasn’t due to be checked for another while. Eventually they gave in and checked me and hey presto, I was fully dialated! So the intense pain was because I’d gone from 3cms to 10cms in about an hour. Unfortunately, having spent the whole time on my back or side the baby was still too high up in the birth canal to start pushing so I just had to wait it out. They were still very concerned about his heart rate dropping so much and kept talking about doing an emergency section, but they took a blood sample from his head and his oxygen levels were fine so thankfully they were happy to let me keep going for a normal delivery. Finally time came to start pushing and suddenly, having had a room full of people checking on me constantly, it was just one midwife (fantastic girl called Nadia) and my husband. She dimmed the lights and made the whole atmosphere so much calmer. I was parched with thirst so DH was handing me glasses of water and putting balm on my lips. The contractions were now much much lighter and about a minute apart and I was able to relax a bit and become aware of my surroundings again. It was so good to be rid of the pandemonium of the earlier hours and just have a nice quiet darkened room. The one thing about the pushing stage though that I was completely unprepared for, it really really hurt and I wasn’t expecting that! What made it hard was that it was pain I was bringing on myself. With the contractions they come and there’s nothing you can do about it, but with the pushing, it’s you that pushes and brings the pain on and the harder you push the worse the pain is, it’s almost like your fighting against your own instincts to not cause yourself any pain! Anyway, she kept telling me that because of his heartrate that they wanted him out in an hour tops, so if I hadn’t pushed him out by then they’d be getting the instruments out. Didn’t want that so pushed with all my might each time. DH had said before that he’d rather not be down the business end but when it came to it he was on one side holding my leg for me and was watching everything and I think he’s really glad that he did. It was great for me too as he’d be telling me how much head he could see coming out and it really spurred me on. So after an hour, I was told i’d need an epi as I couldn’t get him out the last bit, she did the cut during a contraction and to be honest I didn’t feel a thing. As soon as she did it I pushed once more and all of a sudden felt this massive gush and a big release and out he came. I heard one big cry and then my husband looked at me with the happiest expression on his face and said, ‘Baby, it’s a boy!’ I just burst into tears with utter joy and relief, I couldn’t believe i’d finally done it. Noah was put onto my chest immediately and he was so alert, he was wide eyed and totally chilled out and just staring all around him. I couldn’t believe how perfect he was, really pink and clean and fresh looking, just so utterly perfect and beautiful. We spent ages just staring at him and eachother, we couldn’t stop grinning. It’s so true that you forget all about what you just went through, I was so happy and relaxed and in total awe of this tiny thing on my chest, couldn’t believe he was all mine. Delivered placenta and got stitched up, again completely oblivious to both of these as I just couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Finally they took him off me to weigh and such and I got handed my tea and toast, it really was the most utterly divine thing i’ve eaten. They told me then that they needed the delivery room so the midwife helped me changed then into a wheelchair with my new little boy in my arms and off we went, being congratulated by everyone we passed, such a wonderful feeling! Got to the ward and as it was late DH had to go home so we said our goodbyes and off he went. I spent a few minutes staring at my little man then rang my parents to let them know their first grandchild had arrived (bless them, they were both bawling). Had a hard time getting going with the breastfeeding, it was very hit and miss with the midwives and their help, they all had different opinions and I was lucky to get one who was on each night I was in who actually knew what she was talking about. So here we are, 5 weeks later and he’s thriving, piling on the pounds. Breastfeeding is still very hard work but so worth it, it just takes some getting used to. But I just adore feeding him, he strokes me with his tiny fingers as he feeds and has started staring up at me too, it’s just the most wonderful sensation. I just want to say thanks to everyone here who helped me through the pregnancy, got some wonderful advice and help and am so grateful for it. I can’t begin to tell how much I adore my little man, as hard as it all is, when he stares up at me or snuggles into my neck I just melt, and don’t even get me started on the new little smiles we’re getting, I have experienced nothing in life that even comes close to the immense joy I get from loving this tiny little boy :lvs
thats amore Posts: 714
congrats and well done to you three! love the name! :lvs
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Fabulous birth story! :o)ll I was so delighted for you when you got your BFP, and so exasperated for you at the end when you were waiting (and waiting... and waiting...!) It's great to finally read your birth story. Enjoy every second with little Noah. :lvs
ozypozy Posts: 2950
Congrats sinion and welcome Noah (gorgeous name by the way) Your story is lovely, teary eyed here reading it. H2B thinks I've lost the plot! , for some strange reason i remember you getting your bfp?! Only seems like a few weeks ago.
mrs mammy Posts: 1487
Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your lovely story!
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
oh my god i'm bawling reading that!! i've read lots of the birth stories but that one really touched me!! thanks for sharing it.
nea dude Posts: 749
Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. It's all starting to register, what are we in for? :eek I'm absoutely delighted your little man is safe and healthy. It's great that everything went well in the end. Best wishes to you all. :lvs
newone Posts: 1714
Well done Sinion! What a story. I am in tears here after reading it. Congrats again. Glad ye are doing well. :lvs
TracyD Posts: 750
Enjoy every minute Sinion !!! They change before your eyes ! Tracy
vonnyoc Posts: 2688
I can't believe Noah is 5 weeks already. You sound elated. Your birth story was great. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll