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little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Phew what a morning. Got to work bright and early (oh did cheap hpk this morning and was +), made appointment with new doctor. Went to doc at 10 was seen straight away. i had my urine sample in my evening primrose oil tub with me (thank sphynx) Showed her my tests and she said looks good. Didn't mention that I was at any other doctors. She did a urine test and said it was a faint line. She checked urine and said I more than likely have a urine infection as white blood cells present in urine so gave me augmentim for that. She did second pregnancy test and there is a faint line. So she gave me two urine samples to take to the lab one for prgnancy test other for infection. She checked my Blood pressure, weight, listened to my chest and checked my tummy. she's happy I am pregnant and said to ring at 4pm for pregnancy results but said she'd be shocked if it comes back negative. She gave me letter for snotty gyne receptionist (can't remember if I told that story yesterday). My due date is 29th Oct according to her. So all confirmed thank God. I have to ring at 4pm for urine results but not as nervous. I think the hormone might not be at it's highest but at least I got it confirmed finally. She's lovely doctor and so glad I found a nice GP. Have faxed confirmation to gyne receptionist so waiting on her to ring with an appointment. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
bibikay Posts: 644
At long last ......... congrats!
Mrs Neadi* Posts: 1128
oh yay !!!! brilliant i'm delighted for you !!!!
Royal Wolly Posts: 1020
Oh that is fantastic news, :o)ll I have watched your process but wasn't sure what to post while everything was in limbo!!! many many congratulations and hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!! O-O :stork: O-O
Royal Wolly Posts: 1020
Cant edit, that was meant to be progress but the way :-8
Sphynx Posts: 6795
YAY!!!!!!!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll I can finally uncross everything here! That sounds great. Good luck with the phone call today but come on you MUST be pregnant - you must have had 10 positives at this stage?! Maybe the infection is just interfering with the line showing up clearly. This is great! Hope you'll let us know later when you get your final final confirmation! And delighted you will be an October mammy!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Ducky Posts: 2506
Brilliant, great news and delighted you found a nice doc!
mrs ddt Posts: 3235
Been following your original postings, so glad its working out the way you want it. Congrats :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Corks Posts: 355
Ah great LMS!
MrsOBrien1412 Posts: 3971
YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah delighted for you missus congrats !!!!!!!!!!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll