finding a decent dress

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dressdistress Posts: 1
i am finding it hard to find a simple fashionable garment - that isn't clingy or bias cut or boned to within an inch of its life -something that is a bit different from what's available out there. Not shiney (maybe a silk chiffon or something similar ) a lot of the dresses i have looked at very either meringues or made for slinky girls that are a size 10 !!! its really frustrating the options that are out there for girls who are a little bigger too ! i want a classic modern dress! any suggestions anyone ?
bridesrus Posts: 917
The problem is all the styles you have mentioned are the dresses that are the height of fashion at the minute. You should go with an open mind and try on everything - sometimes it can be quite surprising what suits you and what looks good on you. Other than that you could go down the road of getting it made but then you have the problem again of not know what you want, what suits you or what it is going to look like until it is finished. Goodluck and have a quick look at my site and see if it gives you any inspiration. :D