Finding it hard to read the news these days - anyone else?

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Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Sorry weird topic title, was just wondering there after a conversation I had on Twitter. Do you read/listen to the news a lot? Do you find yourself turning off when the bad stuff comes on? Or skipping over some articles? I know that's very defeatist and wrong but lately I haven't been able for the news, there's just too much badness out there. I can't read about any more killings and deaths and robberies and violence and drugs. I can't read about any more people losing their homes or having to emigrate or natural disasters. It's just too much. For example, there was a heartbreaking story in the Indo today about an 11 year old school girl followed off a bus in London and raped so severely that she needs major surgery to repair her body. I just read that and almost fell apart, that poor poor child. I feel as a citizen of the world it's my duty to inform myself but sometimes the weight of bad news is just overwhelming. I skim a few newspapers online daily and always catch either the 6pm or 9pm news on RTE and I follow news-y people on Twitter so I do get an awful lot of news but lately I've been ignoring it all and going days at a time without looking at a paper. Anyone else?
ructions Posts: 2689
No, I'm the opposite Smileykaz. I have to read a newspaper every day and watch the news, I have to know what's going on. Some stories are very sad and upsetting but I'd feel too out of the loop if I wasn't up to speed on the world and what's happening. My parents always had newspapers in the house, I was reading them from the age of 9 so maybe it's habit.
Vintage Darling Posts: 430
I'm with you Smileykaz - just can't watch anymore bad news at the minute. All around us, we have friends and family who are struggling in one way or another - it's enough work trying to stay positive with them from day to day without adding in everything else that goes on in the world. IT just seems to be a constant drip, drip, drip of bad news every where in the world and I find that it does take it's toll on me. I get very upset hearing about people who I have never met going through horrific experiences and it can sometimes completely drain me. I know I sound very over-dramatic saying that but I do genuinely get upset for these people and it waers me out.
littlesugarloaf Posts: 2000
I have phases when I read and listen to everything and then I hit a wall and that's it. I used to listen to RTE Radio 1 on the weekends but when I hit the wall, I switch to BBC Radio 4 for a few weeks and listen to documentaries and Gardeners Question Time (I don't even like to garden) and The Book Show - nice, gently broadcasting that doesn't have me grinding my teeth or upset. I think what you're feeling is normal - bad news overload. This time of year drives me crazy with all the budget stuff - there was a report last week in the papers that we'd all be down at least €3 to €4 grand per year, which was presented as "this is definitley happening" and upset a lot of people. It was in fact some vested interest group doing a "worst case scenario" report. But I'm sure some people had sleepless nights and high blood pressure worrying about it. I think your approach is right, just take a break from it every now and again. If you're following the news online and are on Twitter, you're not going to miss anything urgent if you don't watch the evening news every night. I reached my limit this weekend with RTE Radio 1. Dara OBriain was on Marion and was very funny. He was talking about his science show - and sure then we broke for the Angelus which was just beyond irony. And then the first news story, the most important thing happening in the world at that very moment - a new bishop was appointed. Jaysus wept! Took some Lyric FM to calm me down... I read a daily newspaper and buy them at the weekend, but tbh, if I'm in one of my "anti news" phases I'm just reading the supplements and the lifestyle sections.
Grotty Dotty Posts: 751
I rarely pick up a newspaper these days or watch the news.
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
I stopped watching the news years ago. I read the Sunday papers and that does me for vile stories for the week.
Nubble Posts: 368
Ive always been a bit of a sensitive soul, cant watch violence on tv etc, but ever since I had DS I genuinely get so upset reading sad articles in the papers. Any abuse stories, girls/boys dying by suicide (heard on news today about a 12 year old in Kildare who died from suicide), elderly people being beaten up and robbed. I skim over the papers these days and try to avoid some of the horrible stories and I no longer look at the daily mail on-line. It’s probably not healthy for me to just ignore all the badness that goes on in the world, but sometimes I just want to stay in my little world of innocence bubble where everything is happy and good!!
Reston Posts: 1321
[quote="Grotty Dotty":29oqxitw]I rarely pick up a newspaper these days or watch the news.[/quote:29oqxitw] Me either. I can't give the negativity my attention. It drags me down and attracts more negativity. I watch funny films, tv programmes, read interesting articles on science and technology. The more attention we give to the bad stuff the more we attract it.
mamasarus Posts: 831
I find it v upsetting and depressing at the moment :o( TBH when i was off on maternity leave and then job seeking, i used to listen to news and radio all day long. But it got to the point that i had to make a decision to cut that out for a while. It was actually getting me down. Day after day of Joe Duffy, Prime Time investigaes and devastating stories. I need to know whats going on in the country and in the world but sometimes, I need to put my head in the sand for a while, just for my own sanity. I also find that since i've had a baby i am waaaay more emotional about things and can end up sobbing listening to the news.
nelswife Posts: 3869
Yeah cant listen to any more bad news, I read the dailymail online everyday but only the goss section!, also dont watch documentaries, to depressing!