Finding out sex - did/will you tell people?

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phananta Posts: 330
Just had a big chat with DH and we've now changed our minds and decided that we want to find out the sex! Actually, I'd decided a while ago, but thought dh was dead against it so wasn't going to (or was going to not tell him!) but looks like we'll be finding out, possibly tomorrow as I have appt with cons (no scan booked, but I assume most will scan you in their room anyway?) I'm sooooooo excited!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll So my question is for all you girls who did/will find out - did/will you let other people know what you are having? I've already been asked loads of times if we're going to find out, at the moment I'm just saying we haven't decided yet, just not sure if I want everyone knowing before he/she is born. But don't know if I'll be able to keep it a secret either! :-8
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
Hi phananta We found out on DS, and told anyone who wanted to know, we were just so thrilled. My bro found out with their first, but told us all he didnt know, until the day his DS was born, where he was like, ha ha, we knew all along. Our mam was so hurt. She had kept asking him, so she could go and buy pink or blue, she is really really generous, especially with her grandchildren. It felt like he made a bit of a joke of her. I was really annoyed with him. I just feel, if you find out, and keep it a secret, dont brag after the baby is born, saying that you knew all along. Either, tell people, or keep it a secret forever. And I dont mean tell EVERYONE either. If you dont want to make it common knowledge, that is totally your decision, but I dont think I could not tell mine or DH parents. I would always have a fear, what if something happened to one of them, and they never got to find out if they were having a grandson or grand daughter? Thats just me though, I'm a bit sentimental.
Finished here Posts: 2860
We found out at 20 weeks and have told no one but its very hard, we keep saying he as we talk to babs even using his name at home all the time and everyone pounces on you, however you can talk your way out of that one i.e. "well he is better than saying it" but what i find difficult is that [size=200:3mcm1jru]everyone [/size:3mcm1jru] asks well is it a boy or a girl, did you find out etc and we have to keep lying :-8 no no we don't know - we just wnated to know so we could enjoy the bond earlier and prepare for the arrival of our little boy or girl but we wanted it to be a surprise for everyone else - but they make it hard O:|
Delish Posts: 4176
We found out. I've told on here and I've told 1 friend. We have one little boy and am delighted that we are having a second boy. My friend's attitude was Oh are you disappointed it's another boy - Jeese people are so ridiculous, I didn't mind one way or the other I just wanted a healthy and happy baby, but I personally wanted to know so that I wouldn't be second guessing myself. Anyway we havn't told anyone but there has been lots of speculation and people asking do we know. Weird isn't it - at the end of the day the sex doesn't matter at all. My sister found out on her two, and told us in advance and I think it might be a bad idea to tell people in advance as they might (like my mam did) natter behind your back saying Ah they shouldn't have found out, it's nice to have a surprise bla bla bla.... Basically your damned if you do and your damned if you don't, people are so opinionated they'll always have something to say. I think we will keep our surprise boy a surprise and pretend we never knew. I'm delighted to be a mammy of two healthy babies. That's all that matters.
december29 Posts: 395
with our DS with found out and told family and friends at the time as well. This time around we did find out the sex but we have told people we weren't finding out. Just wanted it to be our secret this time and leave a surprise for everyone else. I just like knowing so I can say "he" or "she" and call the baby by its name etc. I do like the fact that no one else knows. people keep telling me I am having a girl this time .....little do they know!!!! :-) Everyone is different though so I do think it is a personal choice.
Mama2 Posts: 1230
We found out and haven't told people. We tell people taht we know but that we want to keep it to ourselves. To be honest it's been a bit of a nightmare as my family are very offended that I won't tell them. I feel that it's our own little secret and we want it to be a surprise for everyone else. People don't seem to respect that decision though. If you do find out it might be easier to say that you don't know.
babybuzz Posts: 474
we found out the sex and have told no one. i always called the baby a she since i found out i was pregnant so did hubby but after we got the 3d scan dne and were still calling the baby a she everyone was askng did we know. but i really didnt want everyone knowing just in case the scan was wrong i wont end up with a load of pink as i have already bought loads!!! but do have loads of blue stuff from my sister just in case.
missust Posts: 370
we found out but told everyone we dont know (said they couldnt tell). then the other day DH says he cant wait to tell people we knew all along. O:| my mam will be so hurt if that happpens..she has a house full of neutral babs things bought. DH doesnt understand how she'll be hurt if we tell her we knew. how can i stop him telling everyone we knew? he is not easily hurt and can sometimes not understand how things like that hurt others. he keeps sayin she'll get over sorry now i lied to her. am kinda sorry now we know.....and really sorry we didnt discuss this before we found out.
aylala Posts: 3673
thanks for all the tips girls on what to do if finding out. Im in 2 minds whether to or not as sil was told its a girl and out popped a boy took her a while to get over the shock. :eek someone asked me before our 8 week scan were we finding out the sex :o0 :o0 :o0 doubt babs even had sex organs then but people are just interested so it doesnt bother me. Missus t can you try explain to dh how insensitive he is being. Men O:|
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
We found out, but I've just told my best mate and another 2 friends who literally begged me to tell them! I find that everyone asks, I always say yes I know but i'm not telling anyone. Most people don't press me or ask again, actually most people don't even ask what it is. My Mam didn't even want to know. I'm surprised at people getting p1ssed off about not telling them or finding out after that they knew all along - it's a bit OTT as it's none of their business in the first place