Finding out sex of baby

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first-timer Posts: 463
hi all, just wondering at how many weeks did you find out the sex of your baby? i know the later the better for accuracy and i know i'll be able to find out at my big scan. but gonna go for a private scan at 13 weeks to check baby is growing ok and stuff was just wondering if they will be able to tell? in my pregnancy book it says that during week 12 the gender characterisitcs start forming 'but only an expert could tell whether its a boy or a girl'. by expert i presume they mean sonographer??? anyways just would like to know other peoples expeiences. main mistake is that a so called baby girl could turn out to actually be a boy later on just cause something wasn't visible that early. yeh? so excited to know!!! don't mind which i have but just want to know! this pregnancy has really reminded me of how impatient i am!! lol
Wannabamama Posts: 481
first-timer, I probably wont be of much help to you as we have not found out yet. Last opportunity to find out is Friday week, ill be 33 weeks. Ive been adamint all along that i didnt want to know, but the curiosity is really starting to get the better of me. Im thinking at that stage ill only have 7 weeks left then. If we do find out ill let you know how accurate it was in 9 weeks. :o0
first-timer Posts: 463
hehe thanks for the reply. haha fair play for waiting. theres no way i can. i'm waaay to impatient. plus i'm not into buy 'safe and neutal' colours. i want pink or blue!!! in 9 weeks i should know cause i'll have my 20 week scan but want to know sooner if possible!
Perci Posts: 3847
I had a scan at 14.5 weeks and 19.5 weeks. They couldn't tell at the first scan but I found out at the next one. It's a good job we found out at that one because I had a scan every 4 weeks after that and he just wouldn't show us his willy!
laidback Posts: 224
Hi! My reply prob won't be of any use, coz I don't want to know what I'm having, don't have too much longer to wait anyway :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll but a girl I used to work with was told by doc he wasn't 100% sure but it looked more likely to be a boy than a girl. She had a girl!!!! :eek :eek :eek
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
I had a scan at 15 week and they couldn't tell then so think u will prob have to wait until your 20 week scan to see pet, know its pretty definite u won't be able to see at 13 weeks as the genitals won't have formed fully by then
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Apparently baby's develop the same up to a certain point - whether it's going to turn out to be a penis or vagina, it looks the same up to about 13/14 weeks (I read that it would just be at a different angle for boys than for girls). After 16 weeks is supposed to be accurate for telling the gender, but the later the better. We had a scan at 13 weeks and he couldn't tell. We found out last week though at 18w 2d, so I'd say it'll be your 20 wk scan before you find out....
mumof2 Posts: 3864
At a 17 weeks scan, cons asked us if we wanted to know - we said we didn't but he would have been able to tell us then
tras Posts: 1460
Apparently 20 week is the perfect time. It can get hard to tell after that as they don't have enough room to move around and 'show off'!! We found out at 28 weeks, but that was a 3d scan so a different story,
honeybee Posts: 624
Hi My second scan was at 21weeks and they could tell very clearly that its A Boy. But not sure from what fetus age they can tell and then ofcourse it depends on how clear the scan is and if of course baby has his/her legs crossed(hehe).