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redwifey Posts: 2932
We found out at our 20 week scan that we were having a little boy. We are delighted to found out as we have him named already and refer to him as a real person now. We haven't told family at all so it will be a surprise for them which will be great. Can't wait to meet him now! Though another few weeks would be better.
milis Posts: 7998
I'd like to know, but DH doesn't want to. I'd be a bit afraid they'd get it wrong too though, so we're probably better off not finding out, I still won't believe it!!
Crostini Posts: 1105
will find out as soon as possible. both of us want to know and anyway it's a lot more practical, plus i think it'll help with the bonding process! i think it's a boy anyway. my granny is positive it's a boy!
aylala Posts: 3673
i think we will find out although dh is convinced its a girl even though it doesnt have a sex yet :o0 but if all goes well please god im due 2wks before christmas and would like to be organised
naughtybutnice Posts: 1858
didn't find out on the last one and won't be finding out on this one either. for me its like knowing what your christmas presents are before you unwrap them. everyone is different though. Good luck with all your pregnancies and finding out ...or not!!!
andmybaby Posts: 648
See I always have to know what my pressies are before I open them!! :-8
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
Im not sure about finding out. I didnt find out on dd and we both loved the surprise. But im dying to know this time but think i will try and hold out and just keeping doing the old wifes tales.
nickie Posts: 157
I found out, always thought i would be able to wait and have the surprise but i couldnt. I dont regret it either, i found out because i had a miscarraige before and always wonder what my little angel is boy or girl. For that reason i wanted to know on this pregnancy. I know its personal choice but im delighted i know. Cant post what it is here because people i know use the site O:|
frangipani Posts: 1543
we're keeping it as a surprise for ourselves, i think it will be a good incentive during labour! we got a 3D scan done, didn't see or want to see any boy/girl telltale signs, but both our immediate families are doing plenty of speculating about the gender! i can completely understand why people like to find out and know in advance though.
LMR Posts: 1925
We're not finding out. For us the surprise is part of the fun and we don't really see a need to.