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rockie Posts: 50
Hi girls, I need some advise! I'm 33 wks pg with my second baby, on my first baby I went 4 weeks early (waters broke) and DS spent the next 2 wks in neonates. Anyway at my last clinic appt the doctor told me that because there was no reason why I went early last time, i.e. no infection etc they are expecting the same thing to happen this time and that I'll be doing good to get past 36 wks, :eek. Now I work as a nurse which is tough going at the moment and everyone at work and my DH is on at me to finish up earlier this time, trying to get things finished up here for the person taking over for me (the joys of being a manager!) So I'm thinking of finishing this Saturday, taking 2 wks annual leave and then getting signed off for the last 2 wks until my mat leave starts, does this sound ok? I'm slowly talking myself into it because I know I need to rest this time, not sure what advise I'm looking for!! think I just needed to put it in writing IYKWIM to have it make sense to me!!! I just wish I knew what date this baby will come!!!! thanks for reading rockie
funnymummy Posts: 329
hi rockie,i think you should def finish up the earlies you well as your job been tough on you .you need all the rest you can get and should enjoy the time with your ds before the new babies in a similar sit as yourself.i delivered my ds at 34+6 days,i just went into labour too,had no known infection or 32 weeks now and the babies head is engaged and ive had steroid injections and all for the babies lungs.i was due to finish work in 4 weeks time but really think ill leave before that now as im feeling a lot of pressure really interested in what you cons told you about going early again as my cons said its the type of thing that can not be predicted at head is wrecked as id love to know either way.obv dont want to go too early but cant see myself going full term either......
rosiemama Posts: 3363
i've been told that it is very likely that this baby will come early so i'm finishing up work next week. i'm taking 2 weeks leave and then starting my maternity leave. with DS i planned to work right up but ended up finishing early so i planned to do that this time but so glad i did now as i don't think i could work another week. and i work in an office! you must be exhausted as a nurse.. i think you should do it, you need a bit of time to rest before baby arrives.
Babylou Posts: 724
I'm a nurse too and finding it really, really hard at the moment. Have done a 12 hour shift today and my back is in bits now :o( I know for sure I'll be fit for nothing when I'm off tomorrow. I have 8 weeks left in work and have booked a day or two off every other week to see if that helps. I think if I was pretty sure I was having babs early I'd definitely do as you said and give yourself a break beforehand especially as you have another LO to think of. I fully intend to head to GP for a cert if I find I can't handle working towards the end ... it's such a physical job, not to mention the hours we do. Would feel extremely guilty about doing this though as my last few weeks are over christmas and hate leaving other staff in the lurch but needs must :-8
LastRolo Posts: 6892
I would agree with everyone else, and get finished up as soon as you can. You need to be well rested and it will also give you quality time with DS before the new babs arrives.
rockie Posts: 50
hi again, just thought I'd update, have decided to finish up today, have everything updated as much as possible and have handed everything over to the girl taking over my job. have to say its such a relief to have made the decision, have to go to GP in the morning to get sick cert for next week, then taking 2 weeks annual leave, another week off sick and then mat leave starts, just got to the end of my rope today, could barely walk on the ward with all the pressure pains so decided I'm not of any physical use to anyone now and need put myself and baby first , feels weird to not be going into work for the next 7 months but a very nice weird!!!! thank you for all the replys and for making me see sense, its always so easy to tell other people to look after themselves and then forget to do it for yourself, I've turned into a martyr!!! :o0 :o0 rockie
Octobermum10 Posts: 855
Good for you! I'll likely have to go early the next time myself - DS was delivered by emergency section the day after I started my maternity leave this time!
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Hi Just wondering if you checked this out with your Manager as I work in the hse and generally you will have to produce a fit for work cert after your sick leave to go on annual leave iykwim. Will your GP agree to do this? Just note that you had planned to go from sick leave to annual leave to sick leave.They may ask you to produce a medical cert for the whole period?
Daff Posts: 11644
I wouldn't use my AL. YOu'll have a cert saying you're not fit to work so take that time and save your AL for when after LO gets here.