Finnstown and haggling

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Muriel09 Posts: 361
Hey, anyone who's booked Finnstown are you haggling at all for a better deal?
macsmissus Posts: 928
hey muriel09, We haven't been able to get much down. We got room rates down for grooms parents & him a complimentary room the night before (they wanted to charge us €99 for a single room!!) They've put their menu prices down by about €5 per head for 2010 (I mailed them last week to get a wine list and they told me this) and the trays of canapes have been put down also. I don't know about the evening food but will definitely be trying to get this down from 12.75 a head if they haven't put it down. They're a nightmare to haggle with tho, hard to get them to push on anything O:|
peke Posts: 79
hi girls, we're getting married there in 2 months and its been really difficult to get them to reduce anything at all.... O:| how much are the canapes down to clanegal? thanks for the help girls, every few euros helps.
macsmissus Posts: 928
hi peke - they told me 12.50 per tray, when I asked before they told me €20 per tray. Don't know if they've put down the evening food/childrens prices but i reckon they might, even by a couple of €.