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lilygilly Posts: 196
Hi girls, Has anyone been here looking for a wedding dress?? I found a dress I love and can only find it in stock here. I did a search on here and other girls said they had a really bad experience!! Im about a size 16 at the moment, getting married in October and have left going shopping for a dress coz Ive heard all these horror stories!! Now I find that it happened in this shop?? O:| O:| My heart is now going a million miles an hour!!! Please help!!
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
Hi I am a Size 16 & got my dress in Fiona Todhunters. Fiona was always there for my appointments & if she wasn't always got a call before hand to let me know.
cosmicgirl Posts: 343
I'm not a size 16 but when I went to try on dresses a lot of the dresses were this size! Makes sense to have them a bit bigger really so more people can try them on. I bought my dress there and would have no qualms recommending this shop. Go for it wont be disappointed. I adored the sales assistant who helped me pick out my dress!!!
lilygilly Posts: 196
Oh really maybebaby?!! The posts I saw were from quite a while ago, Im just probably getting myself into a panic over nothing!! You know you here all the stories that people were told that they couldnt get a dress their size and stuff, that is my worst nightmare. I didnt even think to ask about sizes when I was on the phone making my appointment! Thank you so much, mind at rest a little!
lilygilly Posts: 196
Thanks girls much appreciated xx
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
I actually couldn't decide on a dress but got Fiona to make me one. Even before I had decided on this route Fiona met me every time & was very good at advising. Have to say My 1st time there was very upsetting so much so that I was in tears. One of my BMs was a right bitch & Fiona took her aside for a quiet word & was very comforting to me.
sligosparkles Posts: 120
Have had only fantastic experiences with Fiona TH. Ordered my dress with her and she's even altering bits i don't like. Was incredibly nice and supportive as I was v nervous trying on dresses and her assistants were great too. Highly recommend her. So much nicer that some horrible people in town, esp one on Dame Lane!!
lilygilly Posts: 196
Girls than you so much your are great!! Really put my mind at rest!! Looking forward to it now!!!