First app at Coombe's Naas clinic - ultrasound?

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HomebirthHopeful Posts: 71
Hi all, I just got a letter with details of my first antenatal appointment at 12 weeks that will be in the Coombe's Antenatal Clinic in Naas. The letter says bloods and history will be taken but ultrasound app will be arranged for a later date. Just wondering if any of you are attending the Naas satellite clinic and when did you get your first scan from them? Was it at the first app or how long after? Little disappointed as thought scan would be that day too!
cazz1 Posts: 30
Hiya, No, you won't have a scan at the Naas clinic. I had my first appointment on a Tuesday and then had to go into the Coombe on the Thursday for the scan. It did say on the letter I got that the scan would be on the Thursday so I just rang them for an actual time as this wasn't on the letter. Why not give them a ring to ask them?
ciaraella Posts: 5323
I was in the Tallaght clinic for my first appointment but it's the same set up as cazz has said, booking apt in tallaght was bloods, history etc on a friday then scan was the following monday in the coombe. The date and time was in my letter though so as cazz said i'd give them a ring and check.
HomebirthHopeful Posts: 71
Ah, so they're still quite close together then, I was wondering if I'd be waiting until around 20 weeks - thankfully not! I'll give them a shout so and see as there's nothing at all indicated in the letter other than "an ultrasound appointment will be arranged for a later date" Thanks for your replies girls!
HomebirthHopeful Posts: 71
So I rang the hospital this morning and she said that I'd be assessed at my appointment on the 5th Oct in Naas as to whether I'd require consultant or midwife care and then at that appointment they'd schedule a scan for me that would take place in Naas a few days after the 5th Oct appointment. Why couldn't they say that in the letter?! All clear now though :) Can't wait!
Bejewelled Wife Posts: 2190
I have my first app on the 12th Oct and I was wondering too about when the scan would be. Not every clear on the letter as when the scan would have been scheduled for. Great to see it will be only a few days after.