First Appointment with Consultant???

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mummyme Posts: 281
Hey, just a quick question, tomorrow is my first appointment with the Dr O'Mahony in Holles Street tomorrow, just wondering what happens and did you get a mini scan while there?? Really looking forward to it!!
Greece Posts: 1800
What care are you under? i can only speak for SP in HS as thats what I am and at my first app with consultant he gave me a mini scan, just like 2 mins to check everything, answered all my questions and checked me out, all very quick really *)
mummyme Posts: 281
thanks for your reply, i wa SP too, did you see much on mini scan?
Greece Posts: 1800
you will defo have a mini scan then if you are SP. you will see the profile of your lil babs, its not a great machine, its just to have a quick check, heartbeat flickering away etc and you will think its the cutest lil babs ever :lvs you wont get a pic but its stil brilliant to se him/her again for reassurance good luck
Moodles Posts: 547
I have my first appointment as well next week. I'm SP in the Coombe. Is there any need for my DH to come?
mummyme Posts: 281
Hey, well i went for the first appointment and everything is brilliant! saw the little babs, i find it so hard to believe that this baby is inside me!!! but i had a scan 7 weeks ago and my god, baby has grown a lot, i know it should have but its great to see!!! Blood pressure perfect, iron level brilliant and both me and babs doing fine!!! Now i have to look forward to the fetal assesment scan in 3 weeks In relation to DH come, i brought mine and all the girls for first scans had theirs but nothing really major for him to go see but my DH was dying to come with me!!