first Apt with doctor to cofirm pregnancy

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ttcin07 Posts: 20
can anyone tell me what they will do? do they just confirm the pregnancy with a pregnancy test? do they do an internal exam? what happens with your first visit to the hospital? sorry for all the questions :-8
luigi Posts: 867
You're on fire today!? :o0 The first appointment with the doc is usually just a confirmation,; no tests or anything. The next (I think with the midwife) is where you give blood tests. At the hospital they check your urine for protein and will probably give you your scan You dont get an internal until labour unless there is any reason to get one beforehand so you can relax about that one thankfully :wv
deem Posts: 710
I think it depends on how far along you are, but I just had pg confirmed, blood pressure, weight, height, and also filled in form for combined care, this was all done at gp visit, went to consultant 4 weeks later for same again and took blood and tested urine for sugar?, and then to gp where listened to heart beat 4 weeks later, am not on the 22 week visit for another two weeks. so can keep you updated if you wish. I have not had an internal examination from anyone yet, tg, although did have scans in EPU done internally. early on.
ttcin07 Posts: 20
[quote:2zbpnsjv]You're on fire today!? [/quote:2zbpnsjv] sorry :-8 :thnk
sarah to be a mrs Posts: 349
i had my 1st appointment on weds and all that happened was o dod another pregnancy test, they weighed me and took my blood pressure and asked me how i was feeling about being pregnant. i think that was about it. i noticed on your post on ttc that you are planning for a honeymoon baby...good luck for that xx :lvs