First baby - when did head engage?

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missc Posts: 875
It says in the books that head usually engages 2 - 4 wks before labour, just wondering how true this is as midwife told me today that its not true?
susie05 Posts: 204
My babies head didnt actually engage untill i was in established labor which i think is quite common in 1st babies(i think) & he was 2 weeks overdue. i couldnt submit a opinion as none were relevant sorry.
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Mine is 2/5ths engaged at the moment
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
Sorry to hijack but when thay say the head is well down how down does that normally mean?
jellybaby Posts: 2316
At my 39 week appt, my baby's head was 2 fifths engaged. I was scheduled for another appt at exactly 40 weeks, but as it turned out I was already in the labour ward about to give birth by then :o0 Anyway, I was pushing for 2 hours and getting nowhere, so ended up with a forceps and vacuum delivery. The midwife told me afterwards that DD had never moved any further down than 2 fifths engaged and that's why I needed the assisted delivery. They thought she would move down during labour as most babies would do, but my lazy baby never bothered :o0