First bday catering?

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lemon21 Posts: 366
Hi ladies hope someone can help.. My little girls bday is in less than 2 weeks and i have no idea how to organisr party. Family will be over there will prob be around 15 adults, want to hire some sort of buffet style with hot food to be delivered at home. Rang my local chineese and they dont do it..any other ideas?! Dont want to be cooking and ill be ordering a cake Thanks in advance
Nostress Posts: 1606
Would you buy a couple of lasagnes and bowls of salad? Some slices of ham/turkey, a few bags of rocket, you can even buy sliced veg in bags in Superquinn.... No cooking involved but a lot cheaper than external catering I would say
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I'd make up something like a lasagna, as nostress said, or a big beef casserole, made in advance and reheated. Do some baked potatoes, a big tossed salad and garlic bread. Is there anyone that could bring dessert? I'd buy that in otherwise. Its not that much hassle and if anyone offers, ask them to bring a side dish of veg or whatever.
lemon21 Posts: 366
I was thinking that to buy loads of nibbles but thought id do something special for her first..
ciaraella Posts: 5323
+1 to what the other posters have said. For DD's b day we had 10 adults but also DD, a 2.5 year old and two babies who were a week old so it was busy busy and we didn't want to be fussing with hot food. We cooked a ham and sliced to serve cold, made up a few salads (all done the night before) - pasta salad, green salad, baby potato salad, loads of different bread rolls (lidl bakery has a nice variety). We just put it all out and everyone helped themselves.
jjewel Posts: 691
For my LOs first birthday we just had mostly adults too and I bought a load of the party food stuff you can get in Tesco/Superquinn etc, turned out to be a bit of a pain trying to get it all cooked and put out at the same time etc. For her second birthday decided to get in finger food from a caterer. If you dont know anyone locally try google and you might find a few. Ours worked out at only 4.50 per head (only asked for enough for 10 people even though we had 13 and had loads left over) for cocktail sausages, chicken goujons, spring rolls, chicken wings and sausage rolls I think it was. I bought a big pack of ham, some coleslaw and potato salad and that was it. Was so nice not having to do too much preparation and barely any cleaning up either! Would definitely do it again.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
We got a caterer for DS's first birthday. We had about 25 adults and 8 kids. We got 2 main dishes, chicken curry,and a beef dish, with rice, baby potatos, saladsand breads for € 120. We put on chips and chicken nuggets ourselves for the kids. It was lovely and hassle free.
lemon21 Posts: 366
Thankd everyone Ghostchild can i ask who was the caterer did u just find online?
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
[quote="lemon21":6i39v7gf]Thankd everyone Ghostchild can i ask who was the caterer did u just find online?[/quote:6i39v7gf] He's a local army guy! We got him for our DD's christening too
Daff Posts: 11644
we used for both Christenings and they're brilliant, food was yum and good price. DOn't order for the amount of people you'll have, go slightly less cause we got loads.