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pluto Posts: 3893
I'm panicking coz my legs are hairy :-8 :o0 I was planning to get them waxed at the weekend so they're a bit overgrown to say the least! Is there any reason at all that he'd need to see my legs, like to check my ankles for swelling or something. You'd swear I'd less things to be thinking about :o0 :o0
theoracle Posts: 7664
Normally, no. Whenever they were checking my ankles I was fully dressed with shoes on! Only thing I ever had to do is pull the trouser top down so they could have a feel of the belly. Mind you one of the charms of pregnancy is increased hairiness and I seem to have some on my belly too! :o(
pluto Posts: 3893
That's gas! I noticed the other night that my belly is extra hairy! I was wondering is it because it's protruding and the hair is more noticeable, but probably not!