First dance: band or CD

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veeinoz Posts: 146
I would love to have Annies' Song played for our first dance. I have to clarify if the band could sing this song. What would you advise 1) that I have the band sing the song or 2) have the band play the original by John Denver on CD?
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
whichever suits you best i had a friend play frank sinatra cd and it was lovely another friend played same song at her wedding by the band and it was lovely too so whatever makes you happier i would reckon
JoGo Posts: 277
By the band, but really it doesn't make a difference. We've been at two weddings recently where they've played the song by CD and it was fab.. Our band are supposed to be great at singing 'our song' so that's the only reason we're picking them.... although I do change my mind about 10 times on EVERYTHING before I finally know what I want so this more than likely will change too... good luck
Das Kitty Posts: 452
My friend had the CD there before Christmas. It just didn't sound great. I was at another and the band learnt the song and it was much better. There's a lot to be said about the original artist doing it, but for pure sound quality and the feeling of a room filled with music I'd go for the band.