First dance lessons

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kismo Posts: 214
We would like to suprise guests and do something different for our first dance nothing to mad but some kind of routine. we were thinking of getting dance lessons are any of use taking lessons not sure how to go about it
ooddles1 Posts: 273
hey we took some swing dance lessons, so much fun. looks complicated but really isn't but when you look at it done it looks brill took our lessons the International Dance Academy on Ormond Quay €55 for 6 weeks had to quit though coz it was mondays and my H2B teaches music that night! website is good luck
Mammy rigomad Posts: 958
Hi there is a website called .They cover Cork and Dublin if thats any good to you.Instructors come to your house and teach you any moves you like.We were going to get them but they dont have any instructors in Offaly.
MrsOBrien1412 Posts: 3971
[color=indigo:29bqba4i]Keep an eye on your local school that does night courses we did ballroom dancing classes in the school beside us last year [/color:29bqba4i]