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gettingmarried12 Posts: 301
I picked our first dance during the week when H2B was out for the evening with friends- when he came in I siggested it I was so surprised and delighted that he's totally happy- as he fancies himself as a real muso and always makes the music decisions!!! We're having two bands and he picked both- hah anyway it's Peter Cetera- The Glory of love! What do you think? I am so excited - can't wait to hear it. Also I think I am going to walk up the aisle to teh theme from the mission- it always makes me cry- but I :heartbeat: it!!
dancingqueen Posts: 491
Always loved that song....will probably use it in the wedding dvd! We are having "If I should fall behind" by Bruce springsteen
gettingmarried12 Posts: 301
wow , just utubed that as had not heard it ! It's fab!! Great Lyrics!
Sweet as pie Posts: 376
i have always loved that song :lvs :lvs Great choice
Bride27/08/10 Posts: 156
First time I heard that Bruce Springsteen the music too.. My question is are ye getting your band to play your first dance or putting on cd for would be strange for the band to play it as i know I love particular songs because of who is singing it and mightn't be half as nice to be sang by the band.....