first day of maternity leave!!!

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Natanne Posts: 238
Hi all! well here i am on maternity leave and im wired to the moon! couldnt sleep a wink last night and am sort of paniky this morning!! it alll seems so real now! It was grand when i was in work it felt like something way in the future but its hit me now i am going to have a baby in a few weeks!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Im so excited i cant wait to meet her but i have so much to do hosp bag to pack sheets to buy loads of other stuff! i know ill get through but its just going to be so different to being at work all day.. Dont get me wrong im delighted but life is sure gonna be different! I need to calm down! the babs doesnt need a wired mother I feel a bit like Eddie in ab fab just a bit mental this morning!!!! maybe its the hormones! How are the rest of you doing!!!
tilsun Posts: 4506
I was the exact same, started ML last Sat (a week early as on my DD she came early and I never got any ML before her). I think the nerves are totally normal - life is indeed about to change. :o)ll What helped me to calm down was a couple of lists and actually getting things done so when I went to bed at night I wasn't reeling off all the things I needed to do. I still can't sleep but am less wired. My sister took my DD last night so I could have a much needed lie-in but I was up early regardless O:|
xx fairy mommy xx Posts: 1833
It's my first day of mat leave too - though I was on sick leave for the last 2 weeks - week one I had sinisitius and last week I wouldnt have been able to do a full day never mind week! Serves me right for trying to maximise leave after the event! Bored now though - cleaning done, freezer full of frozen meals...if this drags on will have to do the hoovering again O:|
Dot Cotton Posts: 1298
i'm signed off work now & wont' be back before maternity leave so i'm also finished up woohoo :o)ll I'm a bit lost today cos im not sure what to do with myself.....ones things for sure i won't be hoovering :o0