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Childmad Posts: 85
Going to doc for 1st appt since confirmation of pregnancy. Am VERY excited. :o)ll Have LOTS of questions for him, but he is very nice. Am hoping he will send me for scan. I've lost weight overall (no shock there, as I am a big girl anyway, but have cut out all junk & am eating very healthily) but have HUGE bump. Not kidding. Will be 8 wks on Sunday. Am in maternity bras & trousers already. There's 2 sets of twins in my mothers family and 1 set in my husbands family. Could it be twins? :eek :o0 People at work have asked me if I'm pregnant-yes, its untactful, but not surprising......considering i look like Ive swallowd a football! :-8 :o0 So place your bets now.......will he send me for a scan?
steen Posts: 1335
Best of luck - childmad - want the full low down later. Twins would be really exciting :o)ll I have two sets of twin cousins and my husband has a set also. So it is a possiblity for us also :o)ll
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
:o)ll im so excited for you, best of luck. let us know how you get on :o)ll
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Oh twins would be great!! Some docs will send you for early scans esp if their is a high chance of twins but if not would you consider a private scan to see? I was in maternity bottoms by 9 weeks and I've only one baby