First dress shopping session

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quartz Posts: 446
Hey, Am going dress shopping for the first time tomorrow. Is there anything I should/shouldn't do? Would it be wise to wear a strapless bra?
mrsmcduck Posts: 300
Look up the shops that you're going to online and see what designers they stock. Print off any dresses that you like the look of - much easier than trying to explain it in the shop. That's what I did & ended up ordering the first one I'd printed off!! Yeah strapless bra is a good idea.
bubblyblonde Posts: 1353
Think good underwear is a must it gives you a better idea of how the dress sits and will look. good Luck O-O
quartz Posts: 446
Holy cow, do people do this?? :eek Are you actually organising your wedding in 6 months? Wish I could do that and get it over with!!
purple haze Posts: 66
hey there, i just went on first dress outing 2 wks ago- great fun!didnt wear strapless bra, and i reallly shuld have!I had an idea of what i would like, but let the assistant put all styles on me...just enjoy it and go with the flow..have fun!
mrsmcduck Posts: 300
Yep, six months is plenty! I wondered about it at the beginning too, but got loads of encouragement from the girls on here to go for it & it's all just falling into place. Happy days! I'm fairly impatient anyway, so wouldn't suit me to have to wait ages after setting a date. Purplehaze - I didn't wear a strapless bra either. Ended up just taking mine off & going without!! All the dresses I tried on felt like they had a built in bra anyway. But if I did it again I spose I would have the strapless bra on me already......
bridetobe2009 Posts: 1423
I didnt wear a strapless bra either and it didnt matter with the dresses I tried.Happy hunting.Im going dress shopping for the second time tomorrow.
Mrs JT Posts: 256
Hi there, Bring a strapless bra with you in your back incase you may need it. I just brought mine in my bag but I didnt need it cos i knew i didnt want a strapless dress.... Also make sure you are not wearing fake tan because alot of shops dont want remnants of fake tan on their dresses.... Good underwear is essential also & If you have any idea of what heal height you would like to wear on your wedding day just bring any of your heels from home because it can give you a better idea of what your dress will be like....
mrsandmr Posts: 366
Hi sorry to piggyback on you thread quartz but I'm going for first shopping trip tomorrow too and Im bridcking it! I'm going to a couple of shops around dublin city centre that don't take appointments on a saturday, can anyone tell me if its madness on these days and if you actually get time/space to try on dresses?
MrsYippee Posts: 804
Hi there mrs and mr, don't be worrying - you will have a great time tomorrow! I actually prefered the shops with no appointment cos there is a real buzz and you get to see other girls trying on dresses and its just so much fun!