First fitting disaster

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trinity10 Posts: 82
I had my first dress fitting and what a disaster. The shop advised me to buy the size up from the one I tried on (bit tight on the waist but I knew I'd lose a bit of weight). The dress was too big and the price for alterations I was given was incorrect and would end up being one an a half to two times that price. The shop assistant denied telling me a price for alterations altogether. I was so upset and angry. It took the whole goodness out of going to my fitting and I honestly couldn't even tell you what the dress looked like on me. I eventually got them to pay the extra but the hassle and I won't see the dress again now for another month.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
Well this time last year I had a serious problem with a dress shop having ordered in dresses too small. At least if the dress is too big, you can always do something with it and that's just the policy your shop has? I remember them saying to me you would be surprised the amount of brides who swear they will lose weight and then don't :o0 . I know it's annoying being given a price and then having to find more money in addition to what you thought but you will be thankful on your day when the dress is a perfect fit.
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
Hi trinity10, that is so disappointing, it's a stressful enough time without having to argue over the quotes you were given. I was quoted €180 for my alternations before they have even seen the dress on me and I've no idea if that is the going rate or not. My dress won't be in till September. I hope everything goes well with the next fitting.