First hosp appt Holles St - how long?

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I am going to Holles St in 2 weeks time for my first hospital appointment - its first thing in the morning at 8.20 which is great. As far as I know, it will be with a midwife and there's no scan. How long do I need to allow for it? Work doesn't know yet - started a new job today so I'll have to work up the courage to tell them! I wasn't sure if I need to take the morning off for the appointment or just tell them I will be late...
Daff Posts: 11644
It really can depend. THey advise you allow 2 hours, but I know i was only an hour. I'd advise yoiu to go early, be there about 8ish - I'm always 15 mins early and you fly through it - that's SP though.
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I'm going SP so I'll take your advise about getting there early! Probably better for traffic and parking. Thanks for that.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Tags - it depends. Are you 12 weeks pg? If so then it's your midwife only apt and you won't see a doctor. Then it should take about 40 mins. One definite bit of advice is to arrive early. they will take you once you arrive (may be different first thing in morning) and then the place you get in the queue is where you'll stay in the queue. They do weight, bloods, medical history, urine test etc. So the length of time it takes, will be directly related to where you are in the queue.
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Its my very first appointment so not with the consultant yet. I know that they gather a lot of your medical history so I felt it might be longer for that reason. I'm going to ask for the morning off and if that's not possible, I'll make some excuse as to why I'll be late. I can't wait for it to make sure everything is ok. I haven't done any scans yet.
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Hiya it takes about just over an hour they take u in at the semi private clinic and get ur VHI etc details and general contact details and you pay the fee. Then she'll bring u over to the main hospital (public clinic) and you go see the midwife there, she weighs you and goes through your medical history. Then they take your bloods and off you go!!! I'm seeing my consultant today for the first time but he won't scan me (well didn't on DD anyway except once when he couldn't find her heartbeat (she was lying funny little monkey!)) but I'll give my urine sample and weighed again and then see him for 5 mins and then off I go ! best of luck
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Thanks for your replies. I just told one of my colleagues today who is a good friend and she was great about it. I'm really looking forward to it, even if there is no scan for a few weeks. Hope everything went well Bambi with the consultant visit today.