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20thMay2017 Posts: 153
Hi All! Just wondering if anyone else is doing a first look? Or has anyone done one? Trying to figure out the best way to do it so any want to get talking to someone in the same boat!
Hel Bullock Posts: 61
Thinking about it here too.
20thMay2017 Posts: 153
I just love the idea of them, that they capture that moment when no-one else is around. Plus I hope it'll ease the nerves and I'll be able to relax into the ceremony more. Well that's the plan!
comprometida Posts: 143
Hello :wv we did a first look! It was great. Can't recommend it enough. I have a full wedding report - Hotel Doolin last May over in the Wedding Day Reports section. But any questions - fire away!
Hel Bullock Posts: 61
HOw did ye do it? Only considering it now and don't really know how it all works?
20thMay2017 Posts: 153
Your wedding sounded beautiful. This is exactly why I want to do the first look; to spend a bit of time with each other before the madness begins and to capture that great reaction when we first see each other without everyone looking at us ! Had your photographer ever done one before? I think ours thinks we are a bit mad with the whole bad luck thing :yelrotflmaosmilie: We are having a humanist ceremony in a hotel where I am staying the night before so we will be having it in the gardens of the hotel hopefully if the weather holds up. Don't really know how it would look if we had to do it inside?
paul duane photography Posts: 408
Hi Ladies, I've done quite a few first looks, they are a good idea if you are faced with either of the following: 1) late ceremony time - and worried about getting photos afterwards with natural light especially if a winter wedding. or 2) you or your partner are particularly nervous and you feel that seeing each other a few moments before seeing everyone else will help settle your nerves heres a link to a few i've done, if i can be of any help or if you want any suggestions/ideas just drop me a message :) [url:fy9zor0e][/url:fy9zor0e]
20thMay2017 Posts: 153
Love them....definetely doing it!
TaraDonoghuePhotography Posts: 133
We LOVE doing first look photos!!!! They are so much fun and make the bride and groom feel a little more relaxed pre ceremony. You don't have to "see" each other if you prefer not to. We have shot with one on either side of the door, holding hands, pulling funny faces at each other, blowing kisses. All great shots to have would definitely recommend! Tara x