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anon4thisplz Posts: 3
Hi girls, I had to go anon for this. I'm getting married in a month and am in a dilemma. My first real love is back in town. I was with him before I met my fiance seven years ago. I honestly thought at the time that I would spend the rest of my life with him. Anyway, I found out he was two-timing me all along so I ended it. He left town three years ago for a job in another country. I always thought about him every now and then and often wondered 'what if?'. Anyway I saw him yesterday driving in town, I passed him by and he gave a big wave. My heart nearly stopped. I almost crashed the car and my mind just went completely blank for a time. Ever since I have been thinking about him and wondering what our life would have been like if things had been different. I know I'm being stupid, I love my fiance, he's the best in the world. I just can't stop thinking about the other guy. I keep thinking of that scene in The Notebook when the girls is about to get married to another guy, she is in her wedding dress in the shop and sees a photo of her first love in the paper and she faints. That's how I felt when I saw him yesterday. Have any of you ever been through something like this???!!
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
[quote="anon4thisplz":juqnd1mh]Anyway, I found out he was two-timing me all along[/quote:juqnd1mh] This is the part you need to focus on. Given the choice would you throw away everything you have with your fiance for a guy who treated you that way?
anon4thisplz Posts: 3
I know and if a friend of mine was in the same situation I would say exactly the same to her. I can't explain it, it's like I know I could forgive anything he ever did. It's stupid but this is the effect he has on me. It's a destructive influence but I can't explain it.
baby_on_board Posts: 192
Couldn't agree more vexcitedb2b. I think you are imagining a fairytale version of your ex as apposed to the cheating 2 timer he actually is. If you really think about what i would be like, i'd imagine you wouldn't be long forgetting about him. Really hope that dosn't sound harsh , as thats not my intention. hth :wv :wv
Jims Doll Posts: 356
It's easy to imagine what if's. But it didnt happen like that he two timed you. and you met and fell in love :lvs :lvs with your h2b. You weren't doubting your love for h2b up until yesterday so try to put ex out of your head (easier said then done i know) and remind yourself how much better your fiance is than this sh**
MamaFratelli Posts: 157
It's easy to remember the good times with a person that you haven't seen in a long time, but he's your ex for a reason. It was probably a shock to see him as you hadn't in ages but that'll pass
veryv Posts: 970
Was in a similar situation myself, Im Excited is right, think about what your life would be like with him. You'd be reading his texts and checking his calls to make sure he wasn't lying to you. Then if he was out with his friends you'd be questioning him when he gets home asking who he was with etc.
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
You are in charge of yourself, he has no power over you, sure didn't you get rid of him once already, I'd say some thing if you painted a pretty romantic and compelling picture but two timing you. Give your self a good shake, there’s no ‘notebook’ happy ending with that two timing git. Your ‘notebook’ ending is your H2b who will still be there when your old, to love you, protect you and care for you, put all your energy into loving him and making yer life together as happy as you can.
M Chereux Posts: 391
The grass is never greener on the other side!
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
[quote="M Chereux":1mr916aw]The grass is never greener on the other side![/quote:1mr916aw] you too the words right out of my mouth, think at some stage in our lives we all have a "what if" moment but the thing is let sleeping dogs lie, if he didnt respect you years ago whos to say he's gonna respect you now???