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cyberspi Posts: 103
hi all, I was a regular on WOL - BlushingBrideApr06 however for some reason can't log in any more and had to re-register. I've been keeping an eye on this forum since I got my BFP and its helped me get through a few hard times including early bleeds - everyone here seems to give good advice, so I could do with your help now.. yesterday I had really bad back/right hip pain and couldn't sit still, I was blaming the soft sofa and went to bed early but didn't sleep all night. the pain is quite localised and is actually above my hip - possibly my kidney? after a loose bowel movement (sorry if TMI) the pain seemed to ease for a while and i realised the pain is actually in waves and I seem to get a spasm every 15 - 20 seconds. at 4:30 this morn it was getting too much again and I took paracetamol and put a heatpad on which eased it a bit and let me get a few hrs sleep. Has anyone ever experianced this kind of pain? I'm supposed to be studying for an exam so could do without the distraction or without having to go to the Dr. if I could avoid it - it usually leads to a 2 hr wait before I see him.. and don't think I could sit that long.. I'm dreading sitting for a 3hr exam on thurs! Thanks for any help or advice you can give..
ginger nut Posts: 5989
could be a kidney stone or kidney infection. Does sound like something that should be checked out.
jen2 Posts: 3106
I have that pain at th moment. I have had it for about 8 weeks. It is a kidney stone. have you been passing any blood in your urine. If pain continues go to the doctor to get it sorted. hope it gets better for you pet. All the best Jen2
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
sorry im not sure could it be the baby sitting on a nerve or it pressing against something
cyberspi Posts: 103
was afraid someone might say kidney stone.. was kinda dreading that, only thing is its come on all of a sudden and I've not had any problem passing urine and it seems to be clear..
jen2 Posts: 3106
My pain used to come and go like that. It could be gone for a few hours or even a day. It started hurting again when the stone moved. I have a stent in place now to stop the kidney form swelling again. You better get it checked out. They will not be able to scan you when pregnant, so they will have to do it by ultra sound. Hopefully its just a kidney infection. Best of luck Jen2
cyberspi Posts: 103
hi again, so.. yesterday I got a letter from the anti natal saying I had group B strep. do any of you know if this could be linked to the pain?