First pregnancy-when did you start to show?

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LoveActually Posts: 106
Plus1makes4 Posts: 721
I know I had a little round belly before 12 weeks first time, not very noticeable though my jeans and tops did me until about 17-18 weeks I think! This time I'm only 11 weeks and huge already, it's very noticeable I'm pregnant so the maternity gear will be wheeled out very soon, living in leggings as all my jeans/trousers are uncomfortably tight :(
Busbybabe Posts: 562
I know when I went on holidays in late October (21 wks) I was still very neat and was still fitting into most of my tops however I have always had a tendancy to wear looser tops (not tightfitting). My work mates also did not guess I was pregnant. Jeans was a different matter.....and I had stopped wearing most of my jeans (size 10) by wk 14 switching to leggings and nice fitting sweat pants for work! Also went for a bra fitting at 20 wks and my cup size had not increased.Bought a new maternity bra in my original size at 21 wks and it's still fitting me perfectly! I only bought 2 maternity tops early on and a maternity coat in New Look because I liked the style of them and thought they would be handy to have. Usually when you go looking for them you can't find them! I wouldn't go too crazy on buying maternity stuff but if you see something really nice whilst browsing then pick it up!
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
I didn't show at all until 18 weeks, and even then it was only if I wore a tight-fitting top - I could easily hide it for a good few weeks more.
Jims Doll Posts: 356
I was really bloated by 12wks and think i got big fairly early 24wks but didnt get much bigger then and in total put on 2 stone but i didnt buy any maternity clothes just wore a bigger size in dresses and tops so went from a 10 to 12. Jeans i just used an elastic band to close and wore long tops.
isabella123 Posts: 175
It's gas how everyone is so different. I was size 8 pre-pregnancy and first symptom was larger boobs. I couldn't fit into my tops straight away. I was quite bloated by 12 weeks and bought some topshop maternity skinnys. I wasn't planning on buying much maternity wear as I thought it would be a waste but have gotten a few pairs of treggings for work and leggings. They are a must for the comfort alone. I'm now 25 weeks. I'm in size 8- 10 maternity bottoms and boobs gone from c to dd so size 12 on top. Weight wise I put on over a stone already which is more than I should have at this stage but I'm not over eating so it must be all bump and boobs!! It's so hard to tell what way you'll be. Goodluck with ttc..:)
amberjack Posts: 1273
Everyone is different, on my first I didn't show until about 25 weeks, about 22 on my second and I'm almost 20 weeks and still wearing my normal clothes. There is a slight rounding of my belly but it could be put down to Christmas over eating rather than anything else
Bunnybun Posts: 573
Thought would never get a bump... Think around 18 weeks I started to show properly..
mrspatpat Posts: 380
I was a size 8 or 10 when I got pregnant, I'd lost a stone by 12 weeks but my trousers were very uncomfortable soon after and had to give up on them by about 18 weeks I had a little bump at 20 weeks and a proper one by 25 weeks. I hated anything tight across my tummy so was out of my normal clothes before I was showing properly
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
I'm size 10, I'm only 8 weeks but I need new bras and my jeans are too tight, I can get them on but they're cutting in to me. I'm not showing and it's all bloat but I just want to open the top button of everything I'm wearing so I ordered belly bands. Hoping not to spend much on maternity clothes. New look are having a sale so got some cheap maternity tops and work dresses online. Hopefully the bands will save me buying jeans or trousers. Otherwise I'll stick to big sizes in penneys.