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babythoughts Posts: 130
Hi I got my bfp Sunday with a first response took one yesterday evening and line was bit darker took another this morning and a nice positive line decided to do the clearblue digital this morning just to make myself feel better but it said not pregnant I'm 12dpo today and I don't know what to think. I know they say digitals are not as sensitive but leaflet with test said it detects from 25. This is my second pregnancy found out on 8dpo last time and both FR and digital were positive that day. Just wondering if this happened to any1 else?
HeidiHigh Posts: 65
Congratulations on your BFP!! I only ever used FR but as you said I've heard the digital ones aren't quite as sensitive. You said you tested with a First Response this morn and then used the Clear blue. I wonder if it was simply a case of the urine not having been in your bladder long enough to 'soak' the hormones. This is why first morning urine is always the best. I don't know but I'd say once your First response tests are positive you can relax.
babythoughts Posts: 130
Aw thanks for getting back to me. Took another clearblue digital and it came up positive so it's all looking good! Thank God and thanks again xxx
Grey Alien Posts: 699
Hurray!! Delighted for you!! Congrats and enjoy the journey :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
babythoughts Posts: 130
Thanks grey alien I'm so excited it hasn sunk in yet but thankfully it didn long it was only our 2nd month ttc. I swear by preseed with my dd first month I used it I got pregnant and did time I used it this month and voila bfp. Please god all will go well xx