First Response Pregnancy test

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apbride Posts: 13
Hi all Just a quick question about first response tests. I had a miscarriage in Feb and am a bit nervous now I had a bit of spotting so having my bloods checked for HGC levels. Have my second test tomorrow to see if levels have risen. I was told to do a pregnancy test a week later so did one last night. In a First respone test is a control line always the control line e.g. on the right hand side of the results window. I have noticed that one line jumps out at me (comes up instantly) the one on the left hand side and what I think is the control line is very very faint. I have noticed this the more I do the tests the line on the left is getting much darker and what I think is the control line is really fading barely noticeable. I am over 2 weeks late Sorry I know this might sound strange but Im just worried with the line getting lighter it could be the result line and therefore my HGC levels are decreasing. Sorry sounds a bit confusing I know but just wanted to ask. I got a digital test also and this came up with a + sign straight away so think its ok but just wondering has anybody else experienced this. Thanks a million
theoracle Posts: 7664
The line on the right is the control one. The reason the one on teh left jumps out first may be because of th way the liquid travels down the stick (from left to right). It is a good sign that it jumps out quickly and is dark, means your hormone levels are a high level. I wouldn't worry about the darkness/lioghtnss of the control line.