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rac18 Posts: 50
Hi all Just wondering i am not due af until around next wedensday.i was wondering when i should test and does anyone know if first response is realiable early on just dyin to test would it be to early or when should i do my first test
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Hi Rac, I'm not one to talk because i can never resist the temptation to test but i would wait until your af is due (or even late if u can) before you test. First response say they can tell u up to 4 days beforehand but i'd be a bit sceptical about that. It's so disappointing getting a bfn, as a lot of the girls will tell u - my new approach is to wait until day of af or later before i test but we'll see if that happens! On the reliability thing - if it tells u ur pregnant, you're pregnant, its just that you might get a negative result and actually be pregnant if u test too early. Good luck!
Speckyaug Posts: 14
Hi I bought Clear Blue pregnancy test yesterday as i thought it was around the time of my AF (first month trying). I tried it in the afternoon and the result wasnt very clear. It was half and half. A line was not pregnant and a cross was pregnant. Well i got half a cross (leave it to me). Did another test first thing this morning and it was positive. So i think it is best to test ur wee first thing in the morning. Im so excited. Ill keep my fingers crossed for u x
HappyGirl Posts: 113
I have no experience of this (yet!) but from reading this site and others I get the impression that most people seem to think that first response is pretty rubbish, and far from being the best for early detection it's actually the worst. Most seem to recommend Clear Blue as more reliable. I've also read a few strong recommendations for Boots own brand! Best of luck...
Mur Posts: 128
Apparently FR isnt great. One lady did a 2 pack. The first one said v. faint BFP and the second was BFN. She then did a CB which came up straight away as a positive. Also blue dye is alot easier to read than the FR's pink dye.
Miki Posts: 309
i am due AF on Wednesday too, i did a first response yesterday and got a bfn. Im gutted, wait as long as you can. this was the last month i did that, its so crap being disappointed every month.
rac18 Posts: 50
Well could not resist ,did the first response and i got 2 lines as in im preg BUT did 2 over the weekend and they were BFN so dont trust the fr
Mur Posts: 128
Congrats Rac!
mama sugar Posts: 1387
congrats rac, wow thats great news x
rac18 Posts: 50
was in docs and got him to do a test while i was there..and it was negative so annoyed at the first response givin me false hope lucky i was in docs ah well another month trying