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Anon only for this Posts: 36
Hi Girls. I'm not due AF until this Sunday BUT I couldnt help myself this morning and tested with a First Response Kit. It was a BFN! Was very disappointed. Had myself convinced that I was PG cos I was suffering with Heartburn and cramps and a lot of other symptoms! Anyhow I cant resist again and I have a clear blue test at home. Do you reckon I should test in the morning or leave it till Sunday/Monday! I'm goin out tomorrow nite and would love to know if I could so I wont drink! Do you reckon a clear blue would show up a BFN 3 days before I'm due AF if I was PG? Or will I just leave it. I dont want to be wasting a fortune either on buyin tests all the time! And I wasnt even goin to buy tests till next week if AF didnt arrive, but I was in the chemist and they were starin me in the face so I had to! O:| O:| God I sound like such a reject!
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Anon, it could be just too early even if you are pg. I found the most reliable test to be the digital ones (think it's ClearBlue that do them) - they say either Pregnant or Not Pregnant - no guessing "is it a line", "isn't it a line". But the thing about them is that there's not much point in testing before AF is due. I got the "pregnant" with the digital test the day AF was due. If you can hold out at all, please try to wait until the Sunday - otherwise, as you said, you could end up spending a fortune on tests. Best of luck with it - fingers crossed for you :compress
dolly Posts: 51
Hi Yeah I'm due AF on Monday and me like you have myself convinced that I have all the symptoms. Tested with Clear Blue last night, 5 days before AF was due - it was BFN so I would say hold out until Sunday!
Garfield Posts: 89
Hi, I would really try wait until day af is due or day before. Just a note on the first response i used these each day for 4 days before my af and got bfn i used the clear blue the day before af and got a bfp so fingers crossed for you!!