First Rotunda Appoint at 19 weeks..

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tinyfairy Posts: 1536
Hi Girls, I have my first Rotunda appointment at the end of March. I have visited the EPU twice and so have been scanned twice. Will the scan at my first official visit be better than the EPU scans.. I have heard people referring to their first appointment as the 'Big Scan' - Is this true? Beside getting blood taken and blood pressure is there anything else I should be preparing myself for? Thanking you all in advance, BC x :wv
ginger nut Posts: 5989
hi babycake - congratulations first of all. for my first appt (at about 14 or 16 weeks) in the rotunda i met midwife first who took medical/gynae/family history and took blood tests. she also spoke to me about options for care and "discussed breast feeding" with me (ie asked was i going to breast feed, i said i was considering it and that was the discussion over :o0 ). i then met doctor who just went over midwives notes, clarified some details and then did mini scan which took a few minutes. I had my "big scan" at about 24/25 weeks - this is the foetal anomaly scan and they also measure the baby's head circumference, femur length and look at all the vital organs etc. At this scan they can tell you the sex ifyou want to know. This scan took about 20 mins from what i remember. i went privately but it's probably fairly similar if you are going public or semi-private. the "big scan" is booked separately so don't be too surprised or disappointed if you don't have it when you go in march - it may be that they have to wait till the baby is a certain age before they can do it. best of luck
missc Posts: 875
I am public in Rotunda and had my first scan and appt at 13wks, they went tru all the same details that ginger nut mentioned. Then i had the anomily scan (the big scan) at 22wks it was about 20 mins or so and they checked all of the organs and measurements.