First scan at 22 weeks - sorry bit long

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Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Hi, I just read previous post regarding when you are all going for first scan. I have posted about this before and am quite worried. My first scan, in fact my first antenatal visit fullstop is at 19 weeks! I just read an article in Independent during week about a poor woman in Mayo who only got first scan at 22 weeks, and her baby had died. The article went on to say that ideally it should be done around 12 weeks, but in some areas due to a lack of facilities unfortunateley it is later. This is crazy!!! WTF!!!!!??? I am going private purely as I will get a scan each time, but waiting until almost half way through is a bit late I think! Imagine if there was a problem or if they were twins. Its a bit late then to be taking any extra precautions. Anyway, just wondering is there anything I can say that would make them do it earlier. Thank God I do not think there are any complications, but the only reason I am so hyper is that my last pregnancy ended in a still birth at 38 weeks, and so obviously I am on edge, and expected them to keep a closer eye on me this time. Any thoughts???
NotHere Posts: 10273
Hi Moondesert, I seen that story too, scary thing is that I live in Mayo so that will be my hospital It's very scary. Maybe if they won't agree to an early scan you could have the heartbeat checked regularly to keep it monitored? It is a complete disgrace that women have to wait that long though, it's not the dark ages that we're in. >:o(
NotHere Posts: 10273
Sorry, have brain freeze this morning! So sorry about your stillbirth :action32 You should definitely get special treatment, get your doc on the case, they might be able to organise it? Good luck hun :thnk
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Moon Desert I think 19 weeks is very late. I was told by my consultant after my miscarriage that I would automatically qualify for an early scan at 7/8 weeks. The earliest the hospital could fit me in was at 9 weeks so pressure at the hospital is obviously a factor but I'm still pleased to be getting scanned so early. I would definitely ask my gyane if I could have an early/earlier scan than at 19 weeks. I think the norm is usually around the 12 week mark for the normal, "booking in" scan. The fact that you are a private patient and that you had a stillbirth makes this all the stranger. I'm sure they can fit you in earlier if you explain that you are worried. Am really sorry to hear what happened with your last pregnancy. That is really heart-breaking. Hope you have an extra happy and healthy one this time. :xxx
Port Princess Posts: 1154
I know when I was preg with Ds1 I was attending holles street and i didn't get my first scan till 22weeks they said it was the norm but that was 4 years ago! That's scary though isn't it! :ooh