first scan in cumh

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zoe f Posts: 104
do i have to bring anything with me i know i have to bring my records about my blood etc! but is there anything else
s wife Posts: 1445
all you need is any of your paperwork regarding the visit and thats it we had ours a few weeks ago it was amazing and brilliant enjoy :wv
kala Posts: 1937
best of luck up there zoe f. i had an amazing experience up there.please god i'll be up there again sometime.staff couldn't have been nicer
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
Can I ask how long the scan takes? I have my appointment soon, but I'm wondering if I could get away with a half day off work as it's a Friday evening and i think I'll be too hyper to go back into the office afterwards!! :-8
s wife Posts: 1445
i had my first appointment with scan for 8 in the morning and i was out by 8.50 ,not sure what its like for afternoons one of the lads in work became a dad last summer and his app's seem'ed to take hours so im not sure if he was chancing his arm or if he was waiting with his mrs's
Mrsexcited Posts: 927
i think it all depends on the day. i had my 12 week scan there and it was for 11.10 and i was out within the hour. they already had records for me as i had a mc a few months back so they gave me a red folder when i left. for my first appt with consultant i had to bring a letter from my GP , all the blood results and just my red folder. best ot luck now
BrideBetty Posts: 172
We had a scan there a few weeks ago too and our appointment was for 2.15. We didn't get out of there until around 4pm. It was worth hanging around though :xox If you go public there do you get a second scan? I have the consultants appointment in 2 weeks and just wondered if I'd get a development scan then or do you ever get another? Thanks :thnk