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danielle Posts: 818
hi everyone just curious when everyone had or is having their first scan? I was told to have apoointment with midwives at 12 weeks butdont know if they scan then? the gp mentioned scan at 16 weeks and 23 weeks..
tropical Posts: 247
Hi Danielle, Im having my 1st hosp appt at just over 10 weeks, which im assuming includes a scan?
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
Totally depends on the hospital, but my hospital (Coombe) scan you on your first visit as they call this the "dating scan" so they the proper dates of when bab will be born etc. Just ring and ask your hospital will you get scaned when you go?
annabella Posts: 190
hi danielle, i think it depends on the hospital whether they do a scan on first visit or not. i'm attending the Coombe and they did a scan at my 12week visit but i know Holles Street don't do scan at 12 weeks so depends where your attending.
danielle Posts: 818
thanks for your replies girls-i didnt realise how much it can vary! I am in the North so totally different system. I rang my GP surgery and got booked in with midwife on 13th November-I attend the GP surgery fr this not the hospital and they said I wont et a scan until 1 weeks..just seems so long to wait..