First scan??

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Anonymous Posts: 24542
I'm going to the Coombe for first apt with the midwife...consultant's apt is in a month's time...Question: do i get scanned with midwife or consultant?
Wild Child Posts: 1694
You get your dating scan at your first appointment you will check in downstairs in outpatients and give all your details to the midwife and get bloods etc and then you will be sent up for your scan ....make sure to ask for photos! you get a mini scan at your consultant appointment too but it only lasts a second and you dont get a photo!
red_rubies Posts: 2424
I had my scan with consultant (& I got a photo) - it only took a few mins & to be honest apart from a brief outline of the head & body I couldnt make out much else! Heart beat was there going strong so I guess that's what counts!!