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carmac Posts: 93
Hi Girls! We have our very first baby scan tomorrow!!! I am 14 weeks pregnant - I am excited but also kinda anxious :eek Did anyone else feel excited but on edge about it!?!
DrWhosPoopy Posts: 654
Hi Carmac, we have our 1st scan this coming wednesday, and like you i'm so excited but also bricking it! It seems like we've waited forever to get a scan, and i just want to know everythings ok with bubs. I think i'll be able to relax a bit more once i see the little cutie on the screen! Good luck and i hope it all goes well for you! :baby3:
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
hiya pet i think everyone feels like this, i had 4 scans before my actual apt scans, due to some bleeding, and i had the 4th one on a thurs, adn everything was ok, and was back on the monday for my 1st proper apt, and i was still nervous, even tho i had only seen babs flying around a few days beforehand :baby3: best of luck with it, its a lovely experience :wv :xxx
bride20091 Posts: 140
Hey Best of luck with the scan, i have had 2 scans and another in 3 weeks time andI am already worrying about it, think it's just natural to be constantly worried, its gonna be a long 9 months.. Hope it goes well for you xx
justwed09 Posts: 2349
girls, ye will be fine. everyone of us have worried coming up to our scans, its only natural, once you see your little one jumping around on the screen and see its heart beat, your worries will melt away - for a few days anyway :o0 ive a scan this evening and feel baby kicking all day now im worried its kicking too much :o0
DrWhosPoopy Posts: 654
How did you get on, Carmac? I'm soo nervous about tomorrow, i keep convincing myself something is going to be horibly wrong :o(
carmac Posts: 93
Hi Dr Whos Poopy! We got on great :o)ll The scan went so well. The doctor was lovely. We saw baby clearly on the screen,plenty movement,heartheat,2 arms & 2 legs!!!! I started bawling of course once I saw the heartbeat as I was a bit worried a couple weeks ago!! My hubby was amazed,I think he realised how real it once he saw the baby wriggling around :) hope all goes well for you tomorrow xx
brightling Posts: 1496
Thats brilliant carmac. I am sure you are both so relieved to see all well with babs. Hope you have a great pregnancy from here on.